Company, Communicating and Curiosity: Gemini Season Forecast May 21- June 21 2019 (Pacific)

It’s Time to Get Sociable

Gemini Season always puts the spotlight on socializing and communicating, whether it’s in person, online or speaking on your phone.  And with Mercury in domicile until June 4th and Venus entering Gemini on June 8th, this adds even more juice to the Sun who is already in Gemini.  So get ready for a sudden influx of phone calls, text messages, email and spontaneous visitors showing up on your doorstep.  We all suddenly seem to crave company during Gemini season so seek out your friends and get reacquainted with your neighbors.  And if it has been a while since you saw a sibling or a cousin, this is a good time to get in touch.

Life will be busier than other times of the year due to a general restlessness that is in the air.  You will likely want to be out of the house more and roaming about in your neighborhood or making quick trips, especially to shop or just to get out of the house and see people. 

Note that this was a theme that was also operating previously during Taurus season (when Mars was in Gemini) but now, this theme bursts out in a much stronger way.

Get Curious

Activities that involve reading/writing and education are all favored now.  If you have been meaning to study something or write something, this is the time to do it.  It is a good time to follow your curiosity into new avenues to learn new things.   Seek out people or resources that spark your interest with their novel or fresh way of thinking.  Ask questions.  Let your curiosity lead you to new realms, then share what you have learned with others.  It’s time to spread ideas and information around.

Some Leftover Energies from Taurus Season Linger on

Last month in Taurus Season, the focus was on the physical body and our 5 senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.  Now in Gem Season, Venus is in domicile until June 8th, so some of this sensual energy lingers on, but more toned down.  It is still a lovely time to enjoy physical pleasures–things like savoring your favorite foods, feeling the warm sun soaking into your skin, smelling coffee that is brewing, experiencing a great workout at the gym or on the yoga mat, enjoying the sight of a gorgeous sunset, relaxing back in a hot bath, and snuggling down into freshly washed clean sheets.  Bring attention to your 5 senses now and indulge and enjoy them.

Company, Communicating and Curiosity:  Gemini Season Forecast May 21- June 21 2019.  Want to know what's in store for your career, family and love life during Gemini Season 2019?  Click through to read the article now.

A Great Time for Love, Romance and Sex

Throughout all of Gemini Season, Venus in domicile makes a bunch of lovely trines and sextiles to the outer planets.  This favors our love relationships, romance and sexuality.  Before June 8th, mentally-uncomplicated bread-and-butter sex is highlighted that emphasizes lots of massage or other skin-pleasing activity that targets the entire body.  Try to get out of your head and really just focus on how your entire body feels, skin to skin.  (People who require a lot of mental activity to enjoy sex will do better after June 8th when Venus moves into the air sign of Gemini.)  For people who are single, you might find it easier to hook up after the 8th, when flirting suddenly seems easier than usual and people are generally more receptive to it.  There’s more info about this below in the Highlights section.  See:  “May 30 to June 3,  2019”. and also “June 8th on.”

Some Family Issues Might Start Brewing

Mars is in its fall in Cancer, dancing around the Lunar north node and opposing Saturn, Pluto and Pluto’s South Node.  This puts the emphasis on family, especially family problems.  There might also be issues about work responsibilities versus family obligations.  Old fashioned ideas about work and career might need to be dropped.  Focus on nurturing your home, family and sense of roots.  This is a trend that will continue to grow into Cancer season.  There’s more info about family in the Highlights section.  See:  “Jun 12 to 19th,  2019.”

Confusion and Illusion:  A Replay from the Past

Jupiter retrogrades back to square Neptune, where it brings back issues from January of 2019 re:  secrets, lies, fabrications, illusions and self-delusion.  Expect more of the usual worldwide chaos and confusion, especially when it comes to religion and immigration.  Right now, belief is stronger than objective fact.  It might seem like everyone else out there is deluded and you are the only person who knows what’s what, but remember that this transit is affecting you as well!   It is a good time to ask yourself:  how are my beliefs limiting me right now?   How is my belief system muddling with the facts? 

Global Events:  Major Change is Coming

The Saturn/Pluto/Pluto South Node Triptych

Since it is a mouthful to constantly say, “The conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Pluto’s South Node in Capricorn” over and over again, I will just refer to this gang as The Tryptych for now.   Plus that also sounds better than referring to them as “evil trio of death and destruction.” Which is tempting.  But overly alarmist.

Triptych is not an astrological term, but is a term for an artistic work that consists of three pieces.  Check out this definition of Triptych from The Free Dictionary

trip·tych  (trĭp′tĭk) n.

1. a. work, such as an altarpiece, consisting of three painted or carved panels that are hinged together.

 b. set of three related works, as in photography, painting, or literature: “a triptych of stories told from alternating viewpoints.”

2. hinged writing tablet consisting of three leaves, used in ancient Rome.

Religious Triptych showing the birth of Christ from 3 Differing Viewpoints

I particularly love the definition of Triptych as three stories told from alternating viewpoints because astrologically, we are getting the three different points of view of Saturn, Pluto and Pluto’s South Node all together as one, in the sign of Capricorn. 

So the big news in the astrology world for that past couple of years has been the upcoming Triptych’s meetup that will happen in 2020.  We have been feeling this transit approaching for a while now, and it is reflecting all the general insanity, extremism and destruction that appears to be happening globally.  This transit signals the end of giant, hegemonic patriarchal authoritarian systems and the beginning of a new cycle.  Everything is being affected:  banking and financial systems, global economic systems, political systems, socio-cultural systems–even geological and ecological systems are being affected.  The old way of doing things on planet Earth has reached its limits (Saturn).  It has hit the wall and needs to be dropped (Pluto South Node) and transformed (Pluto).  In 2023, when Pluto enters Aquarius, many of these old monolithic systems will begin to break apart and splinter into fragments where they will re-organize and reconstruct into small locally-based systems instead of one giant all-encompassing global system. 

Those who benefit from the old system are being driven into a frenzy right now as they desperately cling to the vestiges of a system that is collapsing.  If politicians and other authority figures seem insane right now, it is because they are simply responding to this powerful influx of energy and resisting the inevitable change that is coming.

Currently, the Lunar nodes are aligning on top of the Triptych, heightening the effect.  And during Gemini Season, these issues will be triggered further by Mars in Cancer who will align with The Lunar North Node and oppose The Tryptych.  More on this ahead…

A Few Highlights Worth Mentioning

Note that the dates listed here are in Pacific Time so to convert to your own time zone, you can use this Time Converter and World Clock.

May 22/23, 2019  OUCH! — An Unexpected or Sudden Unavoidable Change 

Mars in fall in Cancer but still in its own terms sextile Uranus in Taurus and square Chiron in Aries

Globally, we might experience sudden unexpected changes around this time especially re: finances, economics and/or food production.  These are events that could no longer be avoided.  The changes will not be moderate in scope but will nevertheless feel wounding as people try to acclimate to the new situation.

Unexpected or sudden change might also appear in your personal life, too, and might feel hurtful.  A healing process is required, and it might take a few weeks to truly get over it.  Whether pertaining to a global event or in your own life, some resolution to the situation might come when the Sun sextiles Chiron on the 26th but the story is not over.  The stage is being set for a showdown that will help clear the air around June 12th to 19th.  

May 29 and 30th 2019   Talk is Cheap…And very Confusing

Mercury  in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces and opposition retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius

Both globally and in your personal life, expect some confusion, illusion, self delusion, and a lot of ridiculous or bombastic talk going on.  A lot of people will appear on the scene who talk just for the sake of talking because it is pleasurable to shoot their mouth off.  The quality of content of all this talk is dubious.  It is like they are just filling silence with an endless stream of words that mean very little.  In addition to this, everyone is super in love with their own belief systems right now and not interested in talking about hard objective facts.  Don’t believe anything you hear for a couple of days.  News and media will be especially prone to confusion or illusions.  And make sure you are not adding to the chaos.  Say something only when it is of substance and only if you really mean it.  Otherwise, you are just being part of the problem.

May 30 to June 3, 2019   Love, Sex and Romance Galore

Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, trine Saturn in Capricorn, quincunx Jupiter in Sagittarius and trine Pluto in Capricorn

Love and sensuality take center stage now and they are highly favored.  On the 30th, love and romance can feel sublime, and you may catch a hint of an ideal situation playing out beautifully.  A romantic dream has a chance to come true, if you work it a bit.  On the 31st, love matters become less dreamy and more practical but that, too, has its own perks:  loyalty, dependability, commitment, acceptance plus the good bits of old-fashioned tradition.  On June 1st, you may feel like going overboard–you might want to push for more but the situation is not perfect and you will have to make adjustments until June 2nd when suddenly the gates open and you can finally get the depth of experience you are craving.  Love, sex, and sensuality can come on strong then. 

While love matters are feeling delicious, the energies during this time are relaxed and low key just before the New Moon in Gemini which happens on June 3, 2019, 3:01 am Pacific at 12 degrees Gemini.  The energy of this New Moon is still social, but more like “lounging around and visiting”  social rather than “hit the night club and dance all night long” kind of social.  Also, if you want to make a new beginning or start a new project, wait until after the New Moon hits.

Company, Communicating and Curiosity: Gemini Season Forecast May 21- June 21 2019. Want to know what's in store for your career, family and love life during Gemini Season 2019? Click through to read the article now.

June 4, 2019  Our Thoughts Slow Down, but they Start to Chew on Old Hurts

Mercury enters Cancer, peregrine, sextile Uranus and square Chiron.

The whirlwind of socializing, talking and visiting slows down slightly from warp speed to a steady gallop.  Our minds cease their endless mental whir and start to turn inward.  We become more reflective as our thoughts become more affected by our emotions.  This becomes clear around June 7, 2019 when Mercury sextiles Uranus, and squares Chiron.  Events transpiring now might mimic what happened on May 22/23rd when Mars recently hit this spot (see above).  Now is the time to sit down and discuss what happened back then.  Chances are there is a lingering hurt left over from that time and a conversation is required to clear the air.  Tread carefully in your conversations.  People’s feelings are easily hurt now.

From June 8th on.  Virtual Flirt Fest

Venus enters Gemini 

The strong focus on the physical body and 5 senses draws to a close, and so does its simple, body-based approach to love and sex.  Now our minds kick in, so if you like sex with a lot of mind-play or if you like to talk a lot during sex, this is your time!  Venus in Gemini likes to combine love/romance with communication and technology.  So that can mean a surge in sexting and flirting online.  (The downside:  more dick-pics landing in your inbox from strangers.  Ick.)   Meanwhile, in person, people are generally more open to flirting or talking about love and sex, or analyzing relationships mentally.

If you want to meet someone new or if you are in a polygamous relationship, the energy supports this now.   But do be careful–people might say anything  just to hook up with you now.  Don’t believe half of what people are telling you now.  Slow down and see if people’s actions back up their words.  Also, people in monogamous relationships who are prone to cheating will find it even more tempting than usual from June 8th until July 3rd.  

Company, Communicating and Curiosity:  Gemini Season Forecast May 21- June 21 2019.  Want to know what's in store for your career, family and love life during Gemini Season 2019?  Click through to read the article now.

Jun  9, 10 2019  Out of Control Egos

Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, quincunx Saturn in Capricorn and opposition Jupiter in Sagittarius 

Someone is talking WAY too much.  And maybe spilling secrets.  Or making confessions in an attempt to atone for something.  Or just deliberately spouting nonsense in order to confuse others and gain power.  Egos are out of control right now (due to overcompensation for feeling secretly insecure.)  And there is so much confusion around the issue that it is hard to figure out what is the truth and what is not.  Difficult adjustments might be required especially later around the 13th when the Sun will quincunx Pluto.

Jun 12 to 19th 2019  Career and Family Issues  

Mars conjunct North Node, Sun quincunx Pluto, Mars trine Neptune, Mars opposition Saturn and quincunx Jupiter. Moon in Libra squares lunar nodal axis.  Jun 15, 2019  Mercury conjunct North Node.  Jun 16, 2019 Mercury trine Neptune, quincunx Jupiter and opposition Saturn, Jupiter square Neptune.  June 18, 2019 Saturn sextile Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars.  Jun 19, 2019  Mercury and Mars opposition Pluto.

A situation brewing for the past few weeks comes to a head.  You might feel like you have reached an impasse between career and family/home obligations.  You might feel pulled in opposite directions and something has to give.  The boss or some other authority figure might want you to do something that you feel is wrong or outdated or simply cruel.  Listen to your gut now.  If it feels morally wrong (despite being given the corporate stamp of approval), that is because it IS wrong!  And doing something that you sense is wrong simply because others are telling you “that is the way it has always been done” is not going to fly now.   It is time to re-examine tradition and dump what is outdated and harmful.

With the Moon in Libra squaring the Lunar Nodes, you might be tempted to try to please others and go along with the crowd rather than doing what you feel is right.  And this would be the wrong thing to do now.  Selling your soul like this will cause karma to swirl back at a later date, asking you to make the choice over again, and then the stakes might be even higher. 

Are you being asked to take a stand now to do what’s right for the well-being of other people, other species or for the ecology of the planet?  Have the courage to stand up for what is healthy and nurturing for all.  But be aware that opposing conservative forces will not take this lying down.  They will fight and try to make it unpleasant.  Or they will try to confuse you by burying you in a pile of nonsensical words or information.  Stand firm.  

Meanwhile, back at home, anger and frustration could spark and there may be a confrontation regarding the issue of work versus home responsibilities.  Adjustments must be made.  Home and family life REALLY matter now.  And so do other people’s feelings and emotions.  This is not the month to say: “Sorry, it’s not personal, it’s just business.”  Because it really IS personal.  And according to the Lunar north Node, it SHOULD be personal.  Choose to nurture your home, family and relatives now.  If you don’t, you are skipping an important issue and will be creating a karmic situation where you will just have to re-address it again in the future  in order to “get it right.”  And the stakes will be much higher then.  So get it “right” now!

Many of these family issues will come to a head near the Full Moon on June 17th at 1:29 am Pacific, 25 degree Sagittarius.  Conversations and communications will seem to multiply and accelerate in speed, but not in clarity.  It is time to face a situation now and really hear what other people are trying to say.  It will be very easy to misunderstand others at this time.  Do your best to speak the truth.

Stay tuned for more news about family and domestic life in the next Cosmic Alignment Series coming at you next month, at the beginning of Cancer Season.  See you then!

♥  Want to know what Gemini Season holds in store for you personally?  You can contact Danielle for a personal astrology consultation.


Want to know what Gemini Season holds in store for you personally?  You can contact Danielle for a personal astrology consultation.

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