Zodiac Battle Styles

What is the greatest weapon of each Zodiac Sign?  And what is their fatal flaw?


Your Greatest Weapon: Your ability to address problems in a way that is quick, direct and fearless. Your love of competition. Your lack of hesitancy.

Your Fatal Flaw: Your inability to think strategically for the long term. Your inability to understand how your enemy thinks.


Your Greatest Weapon: Your patience and your ability to out-wait your opponent (siege mentality).

Your Fatal Flaw: Your enemies find you predictable. You wait too long before finally taking action.  You forgive enemies who then later harm you again.


Your Greatest Weapon: Your ingenuity in securing intelligence reports about the activity of the enemy.

Your Fatal Flaw: You overestimate how much you can actually get done and you underestimate how long it will all take.



Your Greatest Weapon: Loyalty. You will stop at nothing to defend your clan.

Your Fatal Flaw: You feel you cannot act alone or without the pledged support of others.


Your Greatest Weapon: Your strong sense of entitlement gives you extraordinary courage and willpower.

Your Fatal Flaw:  Expecting that your enemies will conduct themselves with the same code of honor that you hold.


Your Greatest Weapon: Your ability to understand how all the facts fit together to create the big picture.

Your Fatal Flaw: You second-guess yourself out of good plans or delay taking action because you seek to perfect your plans.


Your Greatest Weapon: You can predict your enemies’ next move, three steps ahead of them.

Your Fatal Flaw: Over-extended diplomacy.  Your unwillingness to engage in head-on confrontation until it’s too late.


Your Greatest Weapon: Silence. Secrets. And the ability to repeatedly rise up from seemingly insurmountable situations.

Your Fatal Flaw: You mistakenly interpret other people’s motivations as being hostile when they are not, which leads to you to start unnecessary conflict.


Your Greatest Weapon: Your unfailing optimism that things will turn out well for you usually leads to exactly that.

Your Fatal Flaw: Your arrogant belief that you are smarter than your enemy.


Your Greatest Weapon: Your undying commitment to your goals no matter how long they take to achieve.

Your Fatal Flaw: Your inability to gain support from others due to your obliviousness to other people’s wants and needs.


Your Greatest Weapon:  Your ability to objectively view a situation with a cool head.  Your enemies find you difficult to predict.  You will die before you give up your ideals and your cause.

Your Fatal Flaw: You are overly defensive in your tactics and you reject the helpful counsel of others.


Your Greatest Weapon: Your inborn faith that the Universe is on your side gives you the vision and strength to accomplish great things.

Your Fatal Flaw: Sometimes the Universe is not on your side.

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