B’bye, Scorpio– Hello Sagittarius! Sun enters Sagittarius November 21, 2016

Bye Scorpio! See you next year! It was fun! Okay…so, it wasn’t really fun. Actually, it was 30 days of emotional hell, full of intense, nerve-wracking, transformational experiences that left us feeling threatened and subject to forces beyond our control. Dark, gloomy, spooky Scorpio is never a picnic but this last thirty day period when the Sun traveled through Scorpio really took the cake.

But phew – now the Sun moves into sunny Sagittarius for the next thirty days. (beginning on November 21, 2016). On the plus side, this brings feelings of joy, optimism, generosity and general excess in all directions (divinely timed, by no accident, to occur just before Christmas). Thanks to Sagittarius’ goofy, gamboling side, we might gain some of our good humor back again, or trip over something that brings a sense of adventure. But on the other hand, Sagittarius rules issues related to “foreigners”, so the next thirty days will likely throw immigration into the spotlight again…erk… Let’s hope that Sagittarius’ global perspective on things makes us all feel drawn a little closer together on this planet.

December looks kind of volatile with transiting Jupiter opposing Uranus–that will bring a few sudden and unexpected events into the picture. Shocks and surprises will continue to erupt, peaking around Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Will they feel positive or negative? Likely both because with this wildcard pairing of planets in opposition, you win some, AND you lose some…

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