Life Lessons From the Zodiac #1: Never Underestimate the Power of Taurus

I spotted this GIF on Facebook the other day.  And while it is pretty funny in and of itself, it also demonstrates a great life lesson from the Zodiac:  never underestimate the power of Taurus.  Just like the Bull that is the symbol for Taurus, Taurus wins half the battles in life by not moving an inch. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Taurus understands best that most problems in life simply disappear without you having to do anything about them at all except just stand still, right where you are.
We can lose a lot of energy attempting to “push the river” when it comes to solving life’s challenges. We worry excessively, or we run around attempting to manipulate situations and people in our favor. We even feverishly try to anticipate future troubles and go to a lot of effort to prevent them from happening. Taurus does not tend to do any of this. Taurus tends to take things as they come. Should a problem arise, one of Taurus’ strategies is to simply out-wait the problem.  And due to their endless patience, Taurus’ fixed nature can steadfastly outlast many of life’s thorniest issues.
I once heard another Astrologer state that although it is a passive energy, Taurus easily dominates other signs. This domination is not consciously confrontative as with the fire or air signs. Rather, Taurus ends up dominating due to the sheer fixedness of its routines and habits. Unable to budge the Bull, other signs quickly discover that they must either acquiesce and go along with the Bull, or give up altogether and go off elsewhere.

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