The Future is Vegan? Uranus in Taurus and the Future of Food Production

Uranus and the Future of Food

Uranus, the planet representing the future, revolutionary change and technology is about to enter the sign of Taurus, the sign representing food, money and possessions.  This transit happens in May of 2018 and will last until the year 2026.  Many of us are feeling the shift in cosmic energy already.  In 2018 we can expect to see the start of many upsets and sudden changes in the global food system.  This could mean sudden shortages, instability of supply and higher food prices.  The more pessimistic astrologers among us like to remind us that the last time Uranus traveled through Taurus was during the Great Depression when food and money became scarce.  (EE-yikes, right?)  Other astrologers, such as Maurice Fernandez, have been talking a lot about how a rapid evolution in food science and technology will greatly change what we eat and how we produce it over the next decade.  What we will be eating in the immediate future is currently being dreamed up in a science lab somewhere, such as “test-tube meat” (aka cultured meat that is grown in vitro in a lab.) 


Well if test tube meat doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there is another way to read the Uranus in Taurus transit.  How about:  The future (Uranus) is vegan (Taurus).   And yes, full disclosure, I am a vegan, and yes, I am biased in my opinion on this.  Read on anyway…

In case you have been living under a rock for the past decade, here’s the definition of veganism:  veganism is a lifestyle that foregoes the use of animal products, especially in one’s diet.  Vegans do not buy or consume products that exploit animals or cause their suffering and harm.   Vegans abstain from eating meat and fish, but also dairy, eggs, honey and other products that are processed using animal products or that cause suffering or death.  Some people become vegan for the love of animals, while others become vegan for the numerous health benefits that a plant-based diet gives. 

Many people regard a vegan lifestyle as a healthy counter-balance to the problems created by our high-tech, health-destroying, unsustainable, pesticide- and antibiotic-drenched food system.  Our current food system and our relationship to food have become completely divorced from nature, and have become cruelly inhumane to animals and also to the humans who work in the food and agriculture industry.  Note that a lot of these negative attributes of the food system typically characterize the negative side of Uranus, when Uranus gets too enthralled with technology and gets overly caught up in the abstract intellectual thinking of the mind, at the expense of body, heart and soul. 

Veganism:  A Uranian Social Movement

The positive side of Uranus occurs when the lofty mental energy of Uranus gets balanced by becoming grounded on earth and within the body itself (Taurus).  This  can lead to ingenuity and creativity plus altruistic, egalitarian solutions to concrete, material problems.   Uranus likes to solve problems at the global level rather than the individual, personal level.  So one could make an argument that veganism is fundamentally Uranian in nature, not only because it creatively responds to the current crisis in food production but because it is also futuristic in vision, altruistic, fueled by global awareness and promotes egalitarianism among the species.  And veganism isn’t just an abstract philosophy–there’s a lot of science out there that backs up the idea that veganism is an extremely healthy way to eat and protects you from numerous diseases.  (See for instance this study.)


The Dark Side of Uranus:  The Mind/Body Split

Ah, but just as with any Uranian social movement, veganism has a Uranian dark side, too.  Witness some of the more militant members with high IQs but zero social skills and their intolerance and lack of compassion for anyone who does not adopt the same meat- and dairy-shunning lifestyle.  Their unsympathetic fanaticism is akin to that of a group of ex-smokers–and is about as much fun to be around, too.  Visit any online group for vegans and there’s always a small and particularly nasty faction who comes out of the woodwork to shoot down the noobs for  still being addicted to cheese.   Stubbornly devoted to a mental ideal, these uber-Uranians often harm the very movement they are so desperately trying to promote, by turning off everyone with their intellectual disdain.

When the dark side of Uranus gets control, our brains go into overdrive and our mental concepts and ideas can seem more real than physical reality itself.  We become lost in utopian visions of a perfect future and we become rabidly stubborn ideologues.  Abstract concepts start to hold sway over the physical or material world.  Emotions and feelings are ignored, overlooked, or simply disregarded as being unimportant compared to intellectual ideas.  This produces a mind/body split that can create incredible technologies such as launching humans into outer space but can also be cruelly destructive producing ideologies that justify things such as vivisection and human genocide.  

Over the next decade, there will be many who fall prey to the darker side of Uranus in Taurus, folks whose existing mind/body split will simply worsen, such as zealots who see technology as the solution to every food problem under the sun, ignoring the reality of a rapidly destructing ecological system on planet earth.   Things could also get much worse for the current victims of the food system (animals and immigrant agricultural workers) before it gets better.  The food production industry, with its scientific and “objective”  hyper-Uranian Gaze, could become so overly focused on its intellectual goals that it will completely fail to notice that anyone around them, human or otherwise, actually has emotions, feels physical and emotional pain and possesses their own instinct for self-preservation. 

People with eating disorders might find they have an extra hard time over the next eight years.  Uranus’ abstract idealization of physical perfection tends to avoid the messy, physical reality of the body and all its baseness and “imperfections”.   

Unusual views of nutrition will start to gain popularity.  Breatharianism will likely start to gain a great deal of attention.   

There might also be a lot of spurious intellectual justification thrown around for adopting a strange relationship to food or a strange diet that will be based more on ideology than verifiable fact.  People will be so stubbornly wedded to their ideas about nutrition that they will attempt to ignore physical reality until, of course, BOOM — Uranus delivers his shocking lightning bolt of reality, forcing us back down to earth where we can finally see the truth.   “Hey, maybe eating a diet of nothing but white colored foods isn’t actually spiritually purifying, because it has put me in the hospital.  Well, golly!  How about that!”  I am exaggerating to make my point, but you get my drift. 

Toward the Future and a Healthy Relationship with Food

Despite the dark side of the transit, many people will still get caught up in the healthy vibes of Uranus in Taurus and many of them will be drawn to experiment with veganism this year (or over the next eight years).  Or they will at least begin to think about adopting a healthier, more plant-based, earth-connected way of eating.  Or they will suddenly be attracted to growing vegetable gardens when they never felt the need to before.  Or venturing into learning more about the benefits of eating locally grown organic produce.  Or forming new co-operatives with local growers in their area.  It will be  interesting to see what happens over the next decade.   

So how about you?  Have you felt the changes that are coming?  Have you recently altered the way you think about food?  Or your relationship to it?   If you have been feeling an urge in the back of your mind to make a change, well go for it.  The time is ripe (pun intended).  Take the leap and see what happens.  But stay grounded in your body.  Don’t ignore the wisdom of your body in favor of the wisdom of your mind.  This is supposed to be a joint effort, mind and body working together.   Your body will let you know if what you are eating does not agree with it.   It’s your job to listen to that, not over ride it with your own mental plans.   And whether you are a vegan or an omnivore, a vegetarian or a pescetarian, a fruitarian or a breatharian, or something altogether different — don’t get so hung up on an intellectual philosophy that your physical health starts to suffer.  The body speaks, but in a way that is much quieter than the way your mind speaks, and it takes a lot of effort to learn the body’s subtle language over time.  But that’s fine.  You have eight years ahead to figure out what it’s trying to tell you.  Bon appetit.  



Thinking of going vegan?  Or just looking to add more fresh produce to your diet?  Here are some sites I recommend:

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Interested in a personal consultation?  You can click here to book Danielle.  

5 thoughts on “The Future is Vegan? Uranus in Taurus and the Future of Food Production

  1. This is a fascinating article with a wide scope. It’s good that you include the dark side of this Uranus in Taurus transit as well as, the utopian aspects. Uranus certainly brings in the weird and bizarre and on a collective level. And when you brought up farm workers, I thought of the Latino farm movement in the late 1960s with Cesar Chavez, a Pisces Sun. Perhaps, Neptune in Pisces plays a role with Uranus through a sextile down the road, only because most of the vegans I have met have dominant Pisces or Aquarius in their charts. I’ve only met one Taurus, a man who was vegetarian. Anyway, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat with this upcoming Uranus transit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me, too! And yes, there is an exact sextile between Uranus and Neptune happening in Nov. of 2025. Both will be retrograde and both are finally meeting up in Taurus/Pisces but only after they have already ingressed into their next signs already and then backed up again into previous signs. That sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? Gonna circle my calendar. Thanks for getting me thinking…


  2. I love this article. I am vegan and I know for sure that we are moving towards a vegan future. I have been asking the Universe for making the transition faster and voilà, the Universe gave me Uranus! Thank you for posting this! I love astrology and your take is really inspiring!


    1. Thanks for your comment! I am always so happy to hear from other vegans! And yes, Uranus has been making a LOT of big changes already! Since I wrote that article one year ago, the UN issued a report recommending veganism in response to the global environmental crisis. And here where I live, the Canada Food Guide was changed and now recommends a plant-based lifestyle as their official mainstream approach to nutrition! Wonderful things are starting already!

      Liked by 1 person

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