Hi — I’m Danielle McElroy, a professional astrologer with two decades of experience doing chart readings.  I live in British Columbia, Canada and I do consultations in person and online.  How can I help you today?  If you would like to book a reading, or to contact me for more information click here.  

My Approach to Astrology

DaniPictureI practice Evolutionary Astrology, which focuses on reincarnation and how past lives affect your current life.  Past lives hold the key to what kind of talents and gifts you were born with — skills and traits that seem easy or natural to you.  Discovering these natural talents and gifts can help you to understand yourself better and can help guide you in your choices regarding work, play, love and spiritual fulfillment.  Past lives also show the challenges you are working on in your current incarnation, and how to best handle those challenges so that your soul continues to grow and evolve in healthy, positive ways.

My goal is to help you align your life with the cosmic order so that you are working with the flow of universal energy rather than working against it. Sometimes you might think that the flow feels easy to navigate, at other times challenging, like trying to negotiate white water rapids. When times are challenging, my goal is to help you manage the discord in positive, productive ways, and to help make meaning out of the chaos.

Do I Have to Believe in Past Lives?

No, you do not have to believe in past lives in order to benefit from a reading. Some people prefer to think of their natal charts as a record of “genetic” or “psychological predisposition” instead of past lives, and that works, too.

I’m a Little Nervous.  What if I Have a Bad Chart?  

If you have never had your chart read before, you may be feeling excited, but also a little anxious.  “What if I have a bad chart?” is something I hear from newcomers a lot.  Well, you should be relieved to know that there’s no such thing as a “bad chart.” Even the worst problems, no matter how painful, are simply part esoteric-652641_1920of a grand design that the universe is co-creating with you for your evolution and therefore, your benefit. I do readings from the perspective that the Universe is a loving place and its Creator is a loving being. The problems we are wrestling with may be painful, but those problems are actually assisting us with our soul’s evolution. From the soul’s perspective, problems activate emotional, mental and spiritual growth and so they are ultimately positive.

How does the Appointment Work?

A reading lasts for about one hour (no charge for overtime).  I do readings in person or online via Zoom Meetings.  Your online session will be video recorded for you and will be sent to you via email after our meeting is over.  If you wish to telephone instead, that is fine; clients can call me for the session, but please note that it is not a toll-free number.  

To have your birth chart read, you will need to provide me with some information:

1. Your date of birth

2. Your location of birth (city and country.)

3. Your time of birth. This must be accurate, to the minute. Without an accurate birth time, I lose about 50 per cent of the information of the chart. To find out your birth time, check your birth certificate. (USA residents: Note that birth time is omitted on the “short form” birth certificate, but is usually on the “long form” certificate or full version. Contact the vital statistic bureau–aka birth and death statistics– in the city where you were born to obtain your long form certificate.)

4. The name of the city you currently reside in so we can synchronize our calls across time zones.

5. Please also send me some questions about what you are interested in hearing about eg, love life, career, specific health concerns etc. If you do not have any questions, then I will just talk about whatever comes up and whatever I think is the most important issue.  When I do forecasting, I look at the next upcoming 12 months.  Relationship analyses are also available, (romantic, platonic, familial or pet relationship) in which case you will need to also send in the data for the extra person, plus an additional $25 fee per each extra chart.  If you are sending me birth data for another person, please get their consent first.

Payment Information

I charge $95.00 (USD) for a session. For first time clients: a non-refundable deposit of $50 is required when you book your reading, with the balance of $45 to be paid after your reading. I accept Paypal (which accepts debit and credit cards). Note that you do not need to have a Paypal account in order to pay using Paypal—I can send you an invoice through Paypal but you simply pay using your debit or charge card.  For relationship analyses please include an additional $25 for each additional chart.

If you would like to book a reading, or to contact me for more information click here.  

Uncover your past lives ∼ Discover your soul’s purpose

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