Regretful notification that Danielle Taylor McElroy has passed away

With heavy hearts we share the peaceful passing of Danielle Taylor McElroy (nee von Hansen) on March 3, 2022. Danielle was the owner/Astrologer of Kismet Astrology.

Danielle was born in Vernon and grew up enjoying the many beautiful beaches in the Okanagan. In 1996 she obtaineda BA in Sociology/Anthropology. She moved to rural Tappen, BC in 1999 in order to enjoy small town life and to be closer to nature.

For 20 years she was a professional consulting astrologer and enjoyed helping people across the world understand their lives better from the view of Psychological and Evolutionary Astrology. Dani enjoyed spirituality, playing the piano and she loved animals and adopted a vegan lifestyle. A talent in cooking subsequently flourished as well as an interest in essential oils and aromatherapy.

Her quiet and thoughtful manner touched her many friends from all backgrounds and whom she all loved dearly. She married Shawn McElroy in 2011 and is survived by her husband, her sister Maja (Jim) and brother Tom (Lori). We will forever miss her kindness, her graciousness, and her guidance in our lives.

In lieu of flowers, a donation in her memory can be made to ME/CFS Project in an effort to help end the disease ME/CFS.

* This website was Danielle’s pride and joy. We are keeping her website “live” because her past articles offer a great deal of astrology information to her followers. 

8 thoughts on “Regretful notification that Danielle Taylor McElroy has passed away

  1. I’m very saddened to hear about Danielle transition…I came across Kismet doing a time I was & still I’m, dealing with health issues, & emailed her about doing my chart..but do to a snafu ..I had to cancel ..but she said when ever it is right, & you are ready I’m here.Her article on dealing with illness pt 1 & 2 was a ” Godsend” ..for one, she addressed issues around illness & I’ve never seen before…because she understood from the inside out.I have & have come across medical astrology books that was somewhat cookie approach,,..Danielle’s article was different & Brilliant in that she broke things down about aspects,planets, days & Chiron , how to manage bad days & good that was totally I’ve never seen before…Now on those bad days I do my transits & low & behold because of her insights I can point to aspects, planets & esp.Chiron aspects & house placements.that pinpoint exactly as she outlined those days I’m feeling crappy…I would j have loved to see her turn those insights into a book..But she left us her wisdom thru Kismet .. that I & many others will cherish for years..I always felt she had a strong Pluto placement like myself..So I will close in saying Danielle Rest In POWER ..!!


  2. I discovered Kismet Astrology a few years ago, and felt that Danielle’s understanding about astrology was really world class. She was so generous in sharing her knowledge and insights in her blog posts. I am so grateful that you are continuing her legacy by keeping her website alive.


  3. I’m shocked and saddened. I followed her articles for several years and just hopped on to see if there was anything new. I hope that other astrologers will take her insights and carry on the torch. She will be missed.

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  4. I just read Danielle’s horary article. Her style was supportive and it’s plain to see she’s dedicated and technically strong. Curious about her, I checked the “About” page to read that she has passed. My heart sunk a little more as I felt a kindred spirit reading that she lead a vegan life style. And I just want to say I’m so sorry for your loss. She’s very special and her love for you still remains, that will never change. xoxo

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      1. Hi, here’s a recipe I just love and make often in case you’re interested 🙂 It came from a member of a fb vegan group, may have even been an instant pot vegan group.

        Someone asked for some simple meal ideas so “D&G” means dump and go 🙂

        No real recipe for it but my latest D&G is: Firm Tofu Canned Tomatoes Black Beans 1 sweet onion 2 poblano peppers, chopped and seeded Frozen Corn Small can of chipotle peppers & some Latin spices (cumin, ancho pepper, garlic) Pressure cook for 25 min and then serve over tortilla chips 😋

        Happy holidays, Christie


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