Pluto in Aquarius

The article below was written by Danielle on July 21st, 2021 but never published. It’s so well written and informative that I’ve decided to publish it. I’m only her friend, with very limited knowledge of astrology.

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023,Until March, 2043.  So 20 years. during Aries Season with Jupiter also in Aries, which further highlights the concept of a fresh new start.  But Chiron in also in Aries, so there is problems with the new start.

It will be in a square to Lunar Nodes, with the North Node in Taurus.  Aquarius in Evolutionary Astrology relates to trauma.  It’s modern ruler is Uranus which will be in Taurus, too.   Suggests a focus on recovering from past trauma and trying to establish material and physical security:  food, shelter, finances etc.

But with Pluto in Aqua for the next years, trauma is ongoing.

while the traditional ruler, Saturn, is in Pisces. Jupiter in Aries

History of Pluto in Aquarius 1778-1798

Entered on Jan 27, 1778, went retrograde into Capricorn in August 1778 and then direct into Aquarius again in October of 1778.

Ingress into Pisces in February 1798. Retrograde back into Aquarius in September 1798 and direct into Pisces in December 1798.

Similar planets: Pluto in Aqua, Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Gemini (enters in 2025)

Major World Events

Industrial Revolution is in full swing in England.  In classical music, still in the classical period (check dates) Mozart and Haydyn are at their peak, (?) Beethoven was 7 years old.  Romantic Period kicks off in earnest when Pluto enters Pisces ?


  • American Revolutionary War
  • oxygen named and its role in combustion recognized


  • King Charles III of Spain declares war on Great Britain


  • legislature of Pennsylvania votes to approve the Act for the Gradual Emancipation of Slaves
  • New England’s dark day 9 (unaccountable darkness)
  • first US bank is chartered Bank of Pennsylvania
  • Louise XVI of France abolishes the use of torture for extracting confessions
  • Great Hurricane kills 22 000 in Barbados, Martinque and Sint Eustatius
  • Tupac Amaru Rebellion starts – uprising of Aymara and Quecha peoples and mestizo peasants in Peru, seeks to revive indigenous rights
  • Russia-lightning strike starts fire that burns 10 000 homes
  • Jeremy Benthamis’ Introduction to Principles of Mondern Legislation is printed (not published).  Promotes utilitarian ethics:  promotes well being and happiness of the majority of the population


note:  it is odd to read of humane laws being passed in today’s age where each headline is worse than the next.  It is heartening.  Ditto utilitarianism


  • Sir William Herschel discovers the planet Uranus
  • A Patent of Toleration signed by Hapsburg Monarchy provides limited freedom of worship for non Catholic Christians
  • English slave traders begin to throw approximately 142 slaves taken on in Accra overboard alive from the slave ship Zong in the Caribbean Sea to conserve supplies for the remainder; the Liverpool owners subsequently attempt to reclaim part of their value from insurers
  • Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II abolishes serfdom
  • Messier objects catalogued  (astronomy)


  • The Parliament of Great Britain passes the Repeal of Act for Securing Dependence of Ireland Act, a major component of the reforms collectively known as the Constitution of 1782, which restore legislative independence to the Parliament of Ireland.
  • Anna Goeldin is the last person sentenced to death in Europe for witchcraft.
  • The fire of Constantinople burns for 2 days and destroys half the city and kills hundreds
  • first test flight of a hot air balloon in France
  • Princess Yekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova becomes the first woman in the world to direct a scientific academy, the Imperial Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • The Foot patrol is created in london for security
  • Siku Quanshu completed in China  36,381 volumes of history


  • Great Britain acknowledges the independence of the United States and a peace treaty is signed in Paris
  • Calabrian earthquakes in Italy- series of 5 quakes that leave 50 000 dead
  • In Iceland, an 8-month volcanic eruption kills 33% of the population and leads to famine and the death of tens of thousands across Europe
  • In Japan, a volcanic eruption exacerbates famine and leads to 20 000 deaths
  • The Great Meteor passes over parts of Europe, and fosters scientific discussion
  • The launch of the first hydrogen filled balloon


  • Henry Cavendish presents paper to the Royal Society of London called Experiments on Air, on the composition of water.
  • approximately 60 000-80 000 Christians held captive in Canara region of India in order to be forcibly converted to Islam.  After 15 years of imprisonment and torture, only 15 000- 20 000 made it out alive.
  • In France, the Robert brothers and a Mr. Collin-Hullin  become the first people to fly more than 100 miles in the air
  • The theory of Black holes is first presented in a paper by John Mitchell
  • Immanuel Kant’s essay Answering the Question:  What is Enlightenment? is published
  • Famine in Japan: 300 000 die
  • huge locust swarm hits South Africa
  • bifocal spectacles invented by Benjamin Franklin
  • Antoine Lavoisier pioneers quantitative chemistry.














What Can We Expect in the Next 2 Decades?

trauma, anarchist movements, distrust of hegemony, more freedom (eg. abolishment of serfdom, emancipation of slaves, torture repealed for extracting confession), slave rebellion in haiti, Denmark-Norway first country to outlaw slavery.

geological cataclyms that result in famine. literally a plague of locusts in south africa  reaching for the heavens:  hot air or hydrogen or gas filled balloons and new scientific discoveries in astronomy  women making new inroads, William herschel and his sister, Uranus in Gem = new forms of transportation, such as the steam boat invention and patent, semaphore telegraph machine and communications -the London Times starts, the US postage office starts.  Riots – lots of riots.  The French Revolution. Lots of geographic disasters that lead to a lot of deaths.  Wars (Dutch.)  Indian wars and rebellions and brutality.  Explorations and firsts.  Mozart- note that this is still the classical period in music.  So it is still stilted like before.  Not till Pluto in Pisces does that change.  Independence movements eg. Brazil from portugal.  France takes an oath to end feudalism.  So inroads for the common people is the impetus.  Discoveries in chemistry, and the first chemical textbook  published.  The element uranium discovered.  Penal colonies.  famine.  temperance movement starts

breaking apart of nations but also coming together into new formations.  shifting borders,  Inventions:  us patent system established.  gas lighting experimented with.

france: religion is made subordinate to govt..  philosophical treatise on equality Rights of Man (1791), a book by Thomas Paine, including 31 articles, posits that popular political revolution is permissible when a government does not safeguard the natural rights of its people. Using these points as a base it defends the French Revolution

french revolution also starts metric system and first laws of jewish emancipation in europe, attempts at declaration of rights for women-mixed results.   gains in education but not much else?

mutinees at sea- significant increase in rebellion espec on atlantic eg  The Spithead and Nore mutinies break out in the British Royal Navy.

wars ending


Been doing some historical research on what was going on in the world when Pluto was last in Aquarius. You suddenly realize just how bad things have gotten when the news from the 1700s seems way more enlightened than the headlines you see in the news today. 😲
As one would expect with Pluto in Aquarius, the 1770s and early 1780s were filled with a lot of enlightened stuff– legal acts that try to end torture and free slaves. The first woman to head a national academy of science. Utilitarian principles being printed that try to promote happiness for the majority of a population.
It is so odd to read these historical events from within today’s political climate that is so full of lies and corruption. The idea that politicians could actually make thoughtful laws that promote the well-being of the general population is surprising to me now. It never used to be. How quickly things have changed.
Anyway, it kind of gives me hope for the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius. Not that it is gonna be all kumbayah and Peace, baby. Far from it. But overall, I think some good things can be restored from all the damage that is happening today. It might have to take place within a global apocalypse scenario, but it will still happen.


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