Finally! A Lucky Break: Jupiter’s Ingress into Pisces, May 2021

After all the harrowing astrology transits we have lived through since the start of 2020, I think we are all ready for a little good news.  So here it is:  Jupiter will enter his own (traditional) sign of Pisces in May of 2021Being in rulership, Jupiter’s power to bestow good fortune will be greatly increased and he can now offer you good luck, favor, abundance, and expansion if his transit is well placed in your natal chart.  Jupiter’s transit through Pisces will be short but sweet, offering sporadic bursts of opportunity in an otherwise challenging year full of Saturn/Uranus squares. 

Dates when Jupiter will be in Pisces

Jupiter will transit through Pisces in three distinct periods throughout 2021 and 2022:

Between May 13th 2021 and July 28th 2021 (GMT)

Between Dec 29th, 2021 and May 11, 2022 (GMT)

Between October 28th 2022 and Dec 21, 2022 (GMT)

Altogether, Jupiter will only spend about 262 days in the sign of Pisces, which does not even add up to a solid years worth of Jupiter bounty, but hey, we will take what we can get. 

In 2021, Jupiter will climb to 2 degrees and 10 minutes of arc before stationing to retrograde on June 18th, 2021, GMT.  So in 2021 the bulk of Jupiter’s blessings will fall on those of you who are lucky enough to have natal planets and points in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) between 0 and 3 degrees and especially if you have a day chart, with your natal Sun placed above the horizon.  But that doesn’t mean the rest of us will be totally left outWhen Jupiter enters Pisces, we all have the opportunity to enjoy a relative boost in our sense of abundance, opportunity and optimism.  A window of success and happiness is starting to open.  And next year in 2022, that window gets even wider when Jupiter’s bounty will spread through the rest of the sign of Pisces, offering even more of us his fortunate effects in our natal charts.    

Traditionally, Jupiter’s correspondences are slightly different than the modern ones.  In modern astrology, Jupiter connotes 9th house themes, such as long distance travel, religion, spirituality, education, philosophy, teaching, and legal matters.  It is associated with abundance and expansion.  Missing from this list are a number of traditional correspondences including such things as wealth, reputation,  governments, inheritances, adoption, freedom from bondage, friendships with great men, relief from bad things, desire, love, alliances, brotherhood, fellowship, childbearing and children (1).  Regardless of whether you follow modern or traditional astrology, Jupiter is good news and he is especially good news when placed in domicile, which he will be in the sign of Pisces.  Jupiter will also be especially happy to leave the sign of Aquarius because he no longer has to answer to Saturn, his dispositor, which he has been separating from for the past few months–a position which has been thwarting his natural ebullience and ability to bestow good fortune.

Jupiter is in domicile in both the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces but his transit through Pisces will feel very different from his transit through Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is a masculine, yang sign of mutable fire while Pisces is a feminine, yin sign of mutable water.  Remember back in 2019 when Jupiter was transiting through Sagittarius?  Depending on what else was happening in your natal chart, you might have felt quite enthusiastic, ambitious and ready for action during that time.  Many people were working hard on manifesting their goals and were achieving a good measure of success.  However, Jupiter in Pisces is not especially action-oriented, out-going or ambitious.  In a feminine yin sign, Jupiter’s blessings do not happen by exerting power, pursuing ambition and taking action.  Rather, they might arrive quietly when we become willing to pause, be still, go within and reflect on what is happening.  It’s time to really listen to what resides within you and to get in touch with your ever-shifting landscape of feelings, emotions and intuition This will especially be the case when Jupiter turns retrograde between June 18th, 2021 and October 18th, 2021 GMT.  

Jupiter in a water sign can help plant fertile new seeds in your imagination that can offer insight into resolving your current problemsJupiter can also help you alter your belief system now in a way that offers you more hope and optimism.  Gateways to these new insights might include daydreaming, music, artistic and creative pursuits, meditation, altered states, spiritual pursuits or getting completely immersed in a movie or novel.  Jupiter’s positive energy will also get activated when we join together (water element) with others, especially in gentle ways that offer support, nurturing or compassion to one another.  Now is probably not the right time to insist on doing everything independently.  Let Jupiter in Pisces’ benefits come to you via assistance from other people, because that might be the strongest conduit of this transit’s good fortune.

Jupiter in Pisces on the World Stage

Just because Jupiter is in a good position doesn’t mean that the world will suddenly be free from all challenges and difficulties.  Remember that transiting Saturn squares Uranus twice more this year on June 14th and Dec. 24th, 2021 (For more information about that transit and how it might affect your personal chart you can check out my previous article.)  So Jupiter in Pisces will add its own flavor of crazy to the ongoing global problems and pandemic issues.

Jupiter in Pisces will place the spotlight on: religion, spirituality, belief systems, legal issues, morality/ethics, philanthropy, compassion, empathy, victims and victimization.  Unfortunately, it will also put extra emphasis on the Covid pandemic, contagion and drugs.  While Jupiter transits Pisces, people might suddenly turn to spiritual pursuits in droves in order to deal with the ongoing difficulties caused by the Pandemic.  Those who are not interested in spirituality will probably turn more to booze, recreational drugs and other escapist activities.    

There might be an increase in feeling victimized or sorry for oneself accompanied by a tremendous yearning for a savior or someone to rescue us.  Resist the urge to be passive, placing the responsibility of rescue onto outside sources, such as the government, the chief executive health officer, your doctor, the vaccine, God, etc.  We all have the responsibility, power and agency to help end this pandemic, by limiting the spread of the virus and supporting the workers who are at the frontlines in the medical profession and industry.  Each and every one of us is the savior we are currently pining for!  But you don’t have to do it alone.  In fact, asking for some help from others is totally okay and is highly recommended now! 

We can expect more conspiracy theories to swell up again, especially those coming from the religious right, pertaining to a deluded sense of spiritual protection from the pandemic.  But you don’t have to be a member of the religious right to get carried away now.  Jupiter in Pisces can leave us all a bit too optimistic and willing to gloss over details.  Covid restrictions might start to relax a bit, or people’s attitudes will really relax against the restrictions.  As a result, contagion will likely sky-rocket during all three periods when Jupiter transits Pisces.  Then the time when Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius is when we will see the results of that contagion and governments will likely have to enforce new restrictions again between July 28, 2021 and Jan 3, 2022.  However, a positive side effect might be an increase in the genuine understanding that there are very little boundaries between us and that any action taken by one soul affects all other souls in the group.  The phrase “we are all in this together” will not simply be a smart soundbite that our minds just register at an intellectual level, but a deeper truth that we begin to intuit from the depths of our soul.

Jupiter transiting Pisces loves to inflate things to extremes, but often at the expense of common sense.  Jupiter in Pisces often throws caution to the wind due to a misplaced sense of optimism, caused by confusion or self delusion.  As such, we might expect to see expansion, confusion and over-optimism regarding the fossil fuel industry.  The oil industry might suddenly seem to make big gains once again, but this will probably be temporary and will only last as long as Jupiter transits Pisces.  I would expect that the Big Oil spin doctors will be working overtime to falsely promote fossil fuels in a “green” way that is safe for the earth and climate.  But the oil business has been in major denial ever since Neptune entered Pisces back in 2011.  And Neptune will be leaving Pisces in 2025, signaling that the fossil fuel industry is in for a big change.  When that happens, our blinders will all come off and the stark truth about the future of fossil fuels on this planet will be harshly revealed and keenly understood on a mass scale, forcing the industry on a new path (Neptune ingress into Aries).  We can probably expect Big Oil’s spin campaign to peak in 2022 in mid-April when Jupiter conjoins Neptune in Pisces.

Other issues that might make the news headlines during Jupiter’s transit through Pisces include:

  • concern over our oceans and fresh water sources 
  • oils spills, pipeline leaks
  • hydro and electric power issues
  • the “other pandemic” in our midst–the massive increase in drug overdose deaths and the problem of tainted street drugs

 On a more positive note, since Jupiter rules wealth and philanthropy, we might also see an increase in wealthy individuals and celebrities’ stepping up to use their personal funds to help environmental and health initiatives of all kinds.    

So check your chart!

Where does the beginning of the sign of Pisces fall in your chart?  This is the area of life that wants to expand now.  Do you have any planets residing in the early degrees of Cancer or Scorpio?  Which houses do they fall in?  And which houses do those planets rule?  Since Jupiter will be trining those planets, they might show where you can expect some good luck or expansion to happen (depending on the condition of that natal planet).  This is especially the case if you have a day chart (with the Sun above the horizon).  Natal planets in the early degrees of Taurus and Capricorn can expect some moderate good fortune too.  And if you practice Hellenistic astrology, Jupiter’s transit will be especially important for you if Jupiter happens to be the Lord of the Year in your nativity.

If you have natal planets in the early degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius), you might feel lucky, but in your desire for expansion, you might go overboard.  There is danger of excessive behavior now and over-extending your limits.  You could also be more prone to falsehoods, illusions or self-delusions.

Jupiter’s transit might be especially profound for the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born aprox. between 1984 and 1995).  Jupiter can help facilitate some soul evolution now.  Depending on what shape your natal Pluto is in, this soul growth will likely happen in a smooth way with little resistance, yet still be far-reaching in effect.  Pluto in Scorpio is usually a tough gig, but with Jupiter greasing the wheels, you might find that an important learning experience will now be profound without being traumatic.

Those of you who belong to the Pluto in Virgo or Pluto in Sagittarius generation will also be wrestling with some interesting soul work, but with challenges involved.  You might be engaging in excessive behaviors that you are not aware of and not completely in control of.  If you are of the Pluto in Virgo generation (born approx. between 1956-1971), you might go overboard in your reactions to criticism or guilt.  You might attempt to become more compulsive and controlling of your body, diet, exercise or hygiene.  You might have powerful reactions toward people who display traits that you dread in yourself.  And you might get involved in power struggles during this time because you resent inefficiency or fear contagion, disorder or chaos.  With Jupiter in full phase to your natal Pluto, challenges arrive via other people, especially those who seem more lax than you are or those who like to fly by the seat of their pants without a plan.  

Meanwhile, the Pluto in Sagittarius generation (born approx. between 1995 and 2008) might be in danger of becoming overly bombastic, self-righteous and preachy while Jupiter transits Pisces.  With Jupiter in a first Quarter square to your natal Pluto, you might feel a strong desire to take action in order to defend your belief system or protect your freedom.  But you might be perceiving threats that are not really there, which can leave you overly defensive.  You might trod heavily on other people’s belief systems now because you are blind to anyone else’s truth but your own.  You might be in danger of minimizing other people’s suffering, or you might engage in spiritual by-passing as a method of dealing with your own anxiety.  And you might get involved in power struggles because you are compulsively reacting to a need for freedom now.  You might not realize that you need to chill out some and let other people talk and have their own opinions.  If you remember to listen more than you speak now, you will have a much easier time with this transit. 

More Good Fortune Coming Up:  Jupiter Transits in 2022

In 2022 when Jupiter transits deeper into the sign of Pisces, more people will fall under his umbrella of good fortune.  Plus, Jupiter will make some really good aspects with other transiting planets.  However, there will only be one hit for each as Jupiter speeds by, so make hay while the sun shines, especially if you have planets or points near the exact degrees.

Jupiter will sextile Uranus in Taurus Feb. 18, 2022

This transit bodes well for flashes of inspiration and moderate good fortune concerning finances, possessions and material life.  Jupiter could provide some lucky breaks, especially if you have planets in good shape near 11 degrees of water signs.  Globally, this transit might benefit digital currencies or create sudden changes in farming practices or food production.  There might be sudden progressive developments regarding water and land use.  (This transit makes me think of issues such as the lack of potable water on First Nation reserves in Canada.  Hope they can catch a break under this transit).  As well, this transit could help environmental groups who are attempting to protect the oceans and aquatic life.  Farming practices could be revolutionized under this transit and there could be new technology introduced that alters farming or food production.  This transit could also benefit farmers who are fighting for better remuneration, improved working conditions or the implementation of progressive green practices.  The way humans use/abuse other sentient species will continue to be questioned while Uranus transits through Taurus, making this a good transit for revolutionizing the barbaric and environmentally destructive practice of large scale animal agriculture.   

Jupiter will conjoin with Neptune in Pisces on April 12, 2022 

This is a doozy of a transit, especially for those of you who have planets in good shape in water signs near 23 degrees.  Also in Pisces during this time will be Venus and Mars, and all of these planets will sextile Mercury/Uranus in Taurus and Moon/Pluto in Capricorn.  Maybe not the most dynamic of transits as far as accomplishing your ambitions, but I love the potential for compassion and feeling that this transit can usher into the world.  The spiritual vibe of this transit is through the roof.  Psychics and intuitives will be in their hey day and even if you are not a full blown psychic, your own intuitive faculties will be operating on overdrive.  However, this transit could also mark the height of pandemic confusion, illusion and self-delusion.  When it comes to conspiracy theories and misinformation campaigns of all kinds on all topics, this will likely be the epitome.   

Jupiter will sextile Pluto on May 3, 2022 

This transit might be good for a little bit of economic recovery.  With the nodal axis at Taurus/Scoprio and Saturn near the bendings, I don’t see a huge amount of financial ease at this time, but for some, this Jupiter transit can help you push forward and fulfill a modest material ambition especially if you have planets in good shape near 28 degrees of a water sign.  From an Evolutionary Astrology perspective, Jupiter in Pisces in sextile with Pluto in Capricorn suggests new mass belief systems will develop regarding politics, economics and the responsible use of money and material resources.  Since the aspect is a crescent phase sextile, Jupiter is telling us that it is time to choose from the myriad of options we have recently tried out and settle down onto one path that we intend to carry into the future.  The experimentation phase is over and it is time to direct our energy into a specific goal or purpose.

Want to know more about  Jupiter’s transit through Pisces and how it will affect your own personal life?  You can book a consultation with Danielle by clicking here.


  1. Brennan, Chris.  Hellenistic Astrology:  The Study of Fate and Fortune. Denver, Amor Fati Publications, 2017 (173-4).

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