Struggling toward Authenticity: The Saturn/Uranus Transiting Square 2021 (Plus Transit Cookbook)

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”–Carl Gustav Jung

A) General Overview

In 2021 the major astrology news is all about transiting Saturn in Aquarius forming a last quarter square with transiting Uranus in Taurus.  The effects of this transit will be operating all year but will peak near the dates of:

Feb 17, 2021 at 7 degrees

June 14, 2021 at 13 degrees  

December 24, 2021 at 11 degrees. 

On the world stage, Saturn squaring Uranus has a rep for heralding contention, rebellion and conflict between factions.  This pairing tends to pit the old versus the new, the past against the future and conservative against progressive in stubborn battles of will.  However, if you look at this transit from a higher perspective, it’s not just about conflict and strifeit is also about making sudden leaps of progress.  Uranus is inspiring you to make changes and become a more authentic version of yourself and Saturn will try to help you make these changes permanent.   

The Last Quarter Square and the Struggle for Authenticity

In Evolutionary Astrology, the last quarter square signifies what Dane Rudhyar termed a crisis in consciousness.  As Jeffrey Wolf Green puts it, “this phase correlates to a ‘shedding of skins’ in which the Soul progressively begins to decondition itself from the impact of consensus opinion.” (1)  The challenge is to break free from old belief systems and thought patterns that were defined by mainstream society.  We begin to reject the dictates of others and start to think for ourselves.  We start to question the conditioning we have received by our parents, our teachers, our religion, and our culture.  An inner mental shift or realization can take place which wakes us up to a potential new reality.  And if we choose to take action upon this realization, it can lead to a whole new self-identity and the creation of a new life–one that is more authentic and true to who we really are.  This process can be uncomfortable because it feels easier just to stick with what worked in the past.  But the last quarter square between Saturn and Uranus won’t let us rest comfortably on our laurels– it creates internal pressure that forces us to reflect on who we truly are underneath all the social facades.  An authenticity upgrade is required, which creates a sudden leap forward (Uranus) followed by a re-structuring of our conscious thought patterns (Saturn).

Figure 1. Planetary Phases and their Keywords

The psychologist Gabor Maté defines authenticity as “being connected to yourself, knowing how you feel and being able to act on it.” (2)  In Evolutionary Astrology, it is assumed that each planet in the natal chart is evolving toward individuation and greater authenticity, but one planet in particularly is directly concerned with authenticity: Uranus, which symbolizes the individuated unconscious.  Uranus is the focal point of this squareHe’s hanging out in the sign of Taurus, doing his own thing and having fun experimenting and seeking out new experiences.  He is the trail blazer in your life right now, leading you toward exciting new ways of being and thinking that are more authentically you.  Since he is in the sign of Taurus, the new things he is interested in might be of a material nature–things that involve money, possessions, the physical body, nature, gardening, cooking, building, and the arts.  (But he is not limited to these things.)

Meanwhile, there’s Saturn, who in Evolutionary Astrology represents the boundaries of our subjective consciousness.  Saturn is our conscious thought process which is heavily influenced by all the conditioning we have received from the world since birth.  Saturn applies to Uranus by square aspect, trying to catch up and make sense of all the sudden changes and chaos Uranus is igniting.  Saturn characteristically reacts to the unfamiliar with caution, insecurity and defensiveness.  So Saturn will attempt to control, codify or solidify Uranus by imposing order, rules and routine.  Saturn is trying to bring predictability to an unpredictable or unstable situation.  Good luck with that.  Uranus will have none of it. 

Residing in the fixed sign of Taurus, Uranus will be highly resistant to outside influence–he just wants to stubbornly stay his own course.  Uranus will not likely react immediately to Saturn’s attempts to limit and curtail his new adventures.  But eventually, Uranus gets fed up with Saturn’s constant pressure and will suddenly toss Saturn off like a bucking bronco bull so that Uranus can once again be free to roam, seek out novelty, experiment with new things and react spontaneously and authentically to the world again.  Remember that Saturn is no slouch right now (residing in his dignity in the fixed sign of Aquarius) so he will doggedly keep trying to rope Uranus in and so the process repeats over and over again.

The result of this whole process is change and progress toward individuation and true authenticity.  But it is a bumpy ride punctuated with abrupt shifts rather than a comfortable slow metamorphosis.  Leaps forward are being made, but the leaps happen due to stress and challenge coming from Saturn.  We must be ready to apply Saturn’s skills (hard work, patience, structure, self-discipline) to a new area of our life.  But the trick is to hold the Saturnian leash lightly so that Uranus can still lead the way into new territory.

Note that Uranus will retrograde in the sign of Taurus between August 20, 2021 and January 18, 2022. Interestingly, this means that the final square on December 24, 2021 involves a mutual application.  Picture Saturn with a lasso in his hand, tirelessly plodding after the bronco bull Uranus, hoping to catch it and reel it under control, when suddenly the bull turns around and charges at Saturn full on.  Saturn is too heavy and slow to dive out of the way and has to take the hit in full force:  Bam!  But no matter how jarring, the jolt ends up doing Saturn some good, shattering some of his rigidity and quite literally knocking some sense into him.  So during Uranus’ retrograde cycle, life might seem more jarring, but it could be the time when we actually learn the most because we become more willing to take risks and break out of old patterns from the past.

So what might this process look like in your own life?  First, look to where Uranus is placed by house–this is the area of life where you are probably exploring some interesting ideas or activities right now.  You might be discovering new things that are based on cutting edge research or a futuristic view.  Here is where you might be dabbling with new technology or digitizing your activities.  This area of life might feel exciting and fast paced–a place to experiment, be free and express your true authentic self, regardless of what anybody else thinks, says or does.  Here is where you require the freedom and time to just be you.  It might also be an area of life that feels very unstable, chaotic or unpredictable at times.  Shocks, upset and surprises are coming from this house too, and not all of them will be welcome.

Now look to the house where Saturn transits.  This is the area of life where you are probably applying the opposite type of energy.  Instead of being exciting, free and independent, this area of life has a lot of hard work, duties and responsibilities to carry out.  Here, you are probably being forced to be more organized or structured and to pay close attention to detail so you can carry out things in a responsible, mature or “respectable” fashion.  Hierarchy, tradition, the past and old fashioned values will be important.  And this is the area of life where you might be currently attempting to prove yourself or win the respect of authority figures.  As such, this is where you might feel you are not allowed to be truly authentic because you feel pressured to conform.  

Now notice how the two houses are connected.  Notice how your need to conform is clashing with your need for greater authenticity.  And notice how you might be trying to bring Saturn methodology to the house where Uranus transits such as hard work, self control, goal setting, detailed organization and an overly serious or ponderous attitude. This might work for a little while.  But eventually you will inadvertently kill off the joy and spontaneity of Uranus’ new enterprise.  If you try to pin Uranus down in an overly controlled routine that is meant to last forever this will effectively strangle what was once an exciting new adventure.  So the trick is to let each planet have their way for a short time and to constantly trade off. 

Smooth integration cannot happen with a square–it is not in its nature.  As such, this is an annoying, yet highly motivating transit, that will lead you in fits and starts toward greater authenticity, but probably make you highly grumpy or anxious in the process.  However, once the transit is over and life evens out again, you might feel that it was a valuable period despite the aggravation and stress.  

Switching Hats

You might be feeling like you are wearing two different hats right now that are contradicting one another.  Tradition versus progress.  Old versus new.  Past versus future.  Order versus chaos.  Control versus freedom.  Creating structure versus destroying structure.  Globally, the Saturn/Uranus square flares up the tribalism that began with the advent of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that peaked back in 2020.  That conjunction emphasized splitting into factions due to polarization and black-and-white thinking (2).  Now, however, the Saturn/Uranus square continues that conflict but with attempts toward integration.  This can leave you feeling conflicted and like you cannot integrate two very different sides of yourself or your life.  It’s not about picking one side over another, it’s about letting those two sides of yourself co-exist and have a conversation with each other.  This leads to some connection between the two factions and some illumination.

Wrong Tribe, Wrong Time

This can be a lonely transit.  First, Saturn in Aquarius is a somewhat lonely customer anyway, who feels left out of the group at the best of times.  Second, you might feel like you are always with the wrong people at the wrong time.  You might belong to a few different tribes right now, or subscribe to a number of different belief systems or interests, but those groups and interests might not fit together very well.  Subscribing to competing interests might cause you to feel conflicted inside.  The result is that you might feel like you are always at the wrong place with the wrong tribe, and that you are constantly being challenged by people who just don’t understand you.  As a an example let’s say you are someone who works in a very conservative field such as  bank management (Saturn) during the week but on the weekends you like to attend astrology conferences (Uranus).  Personally, you might enjoy both environments because you have varied talents and interests, but these environments might operate with conflicting  world views.  Additionally, one group might frown upon the other or disapprove of the other group’s conduct.  As a result, the current Saturn/Uranus square can leave you feeling stressed out and like you don’t quite fully belong to either environment.  

B) An Astrological Cook Book: The Transiting Saturn/Uranus Square through the Houses

Here is a little astro cookbook to help get you started along the way toward understanding your own personal Saturn/Uranus square transit.  Note that if you do not use whole sign houses, then the house positions might be a little different than what is presented here.  

The last couple of weeks of April 2021 will be significant because the Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be conjoining with Uranus, adding an extra kick to our pursuit of authenticity, while heightening the inner and outer conflicts that accompany this process.

People who will have the toughest time with this square are those who have planets or points in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Aquarius) approximately between 4 and 15 degrees.  This is especially true if you have a luminary near one of those points.  Saturn and Uranus will have your particular natal planet in a headlock, forcing it to change and evolve, whether it wants to or not, and you will likely feel strife and contention in your life more so than other people at this time. Also note that if Saturn and Uranus are transiting angular houses (houses 1, 4, 7 or 10)  your experience of the inner and outer conflict will be more pronounced and have greater impact on your life.

In particular, the Pluto in Scorpio generation and Pluto in Leo generation might have a very profound and difficult time with this transit if their natal Pluto falls within 5 to 14 degrees of its sign.  In this case, the progress that Saturn and Uranus are provoking will occur at profoundly deep levels of the psyche.  A process of intense soul evolution will be in play.

Saturn transits the 1st house, Uranus transits the 4th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to your house, home and family life

You might be feeling restless and like you want to move house, relocate or change your living situation.  You might feel like you need to bring more excitement or life into your home and domestic scene.  Your housing situation and family life might be in flux and shifting a lot, week to week.  Ordinarily, you might find this exciting but recently fate probably dealt you a tough hand when Saturn crossed your Ascendant, so life might be feeling generally arduous or depressing right now.  And your health might not be fantastic, either.  A new start might feel difficult now, but will be possible if you give up the desire to control everything that is happening.  A parent or a family member might be behaving odd or in an unpredictable fashion.  You might be struggling to bring order to their chaos and feeling like you are generally failing in the long run.  But the constant surprises and dis-order they throw at you might actually be a good thing–it can jolt you out of old habit patterns and help you make a new start.  So try to go with the flow.  The same can be said about housing matters–unexpected moves, renovations or repairs will challenge you to remain flexible and adaptive.    

Saturn transits the 2nd House, Uranus transits the 5th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to issues involving children, romance, creativity, hobbies/recreation and entertainment. 

Financial security might seem elusive right now.  Money matters might feel challenging, delayed or obstructed and you might find you have to be more frugal than usual.  Surprises stemming from your kids could challenge you financially.  They need a lot of freedom and independence now to do their own thing.  You might be tempted to exert more control on them but it might be wiser to let them experiment now.  They are likely in the mood to rebel anyway, no matter what.  You probably feel a strong desire for fun, play or romance and are willing to follow that wherever it leads, even if it’s expensive.  If you are the creative type, you will require way more freedom now.  Your personal muse will be hurling lightning bolts of inspiration at you and you need enough freedom to be able to follow that wherever it leads and whenever it may strike.  You are probably willing to put a lot of detailed and painstaking effort into your own particular artistry now, perhaps due to a feeling of self-doubt; Saturn in the 2nd tends to lower our self-confidence and question our self worth.  But Saturn also tries to make up for that in hard work and patience.  You might switch to a more tactile art form during this time–one that allows you to work more with your sense of touch or produces three-dimensional pieces.  You will probably be spending more time monetizing your art or your creative hobbies.  

Saturn transits the 3rd house, Uranus transits the 6th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to issues that involve your diet, health, everyday grooming routines, your pets, employees and your service to others.  

You likely need a lot of freedom at work right now; taking orders from a boss might feel tougher than usual.  Following a set routine might also feel annoying and constricting–you need a flexible schedule so you can change your activities from day to day.  Have you changed your diet, exercise or health routines since Uranus entered your 6th house?  Or changed your wardrobe, hairstyle or overall look?  Part of the process likely involved changing some of your long held internal beliefs and waking up to a new reality.  You might be really happy with the results but might not be getting a lot of support from others.  Instead, they might be working against you because they subscribe to more old-fashioned ways of thinking.  Siblings, neighbors, classmates, teachers or roommates might be especially disappointing now because they “don’t get it”.  Don’t stress about it; just keep walking your new path of discovery.  You might experience a surprising or unexpected health issue that requires a lot of work and effort to deal with.  You might also be frustrated because you don’t have perfect self-discipline when it comes to your everyday health or hygiene routines.  Your pets might seem especially naughty, disobedient or wild right now– try to pay attention to what they want.  They are pointing out where you are being overly rigid and where you need more flexibility.  Similarly, employees or co-workers might feel irritating or obstinate now.  Make time to listen to them in order to re-examine some of your preconceived ideas.  

Saturn transits the 4th house, Uranus transits the 7th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to matters that involve partnerships.  

The big task in your life right now might be reconciling your love relationship with your house and family life.  You require freedom, excitement, spontaneity and flexibility in your love relationship, but housing and family matters require security and serious long-term commitment.  You might have a strong desire to experiment more within your relationship.  You or your partner might need more freedom to do your own thing.  But at the same time you also want to secure a safe future for your home, property and family and this might be at odds with a love relationship that is currently erratic, unorthodox, unstable or prone to sudden change.  It probably won’t work to try to shove your partner or relationship into a more conventional or committed role at this time.  Parents or family members might disapprove of your love relationship and might exert pressure to make you behave in a more traditional or conservative fashion.  Your partner might be the source of unexpected shake-ups at home.  Changes in their life seem to work against your plans for your housing situation or your family.  You might have to move house during this transit, not because you want to, but in order to accommodate your partner.  Family obligations might weigh heavily now, especially toward a parent but your partner might not be much help because they require extra freedom.  Your love life might challenge some of your assumptions about your family and living space, asking you to re-examine and shift some of your beliefs.

Saturn transits the 5th house, Uranus transits the 8th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to matters that involve divorce, debt, other people’s money or resources, sexuality, psychology, death and things that are considered dark or taboo.   

If you have children, they might be requiring a lot of extra time and care right now, and you will probably have more responsibilities toward them.  Extra obligations (pandemic home schooling?) are likely taking up much of your time, and you probably take these new duties more seriously than most parents do.  You might be fearing for your kids a lot, becoming more protective and controlling than usual due to a heightened sense of generalized anxiety.  Your partner’s financial situation might be unstable at this time, causing you to make some changes in how you see your children’s long-term future.  You might be feeling intrigued by new exciting financial ventures that don’t involve earning a paycheck (eg. investments, loans, government funding, child support, wills, legacies etc.)   While you might be in the mood to experiment remember that financial matters will be unstable or constantly shifting now, and will not likely hold much security in the long term.  With Saturn in the 5th you are not likely willing to take a big gamble anyway but will probably stick to more safe and traditional financial investments.  If you don’t have children in your life, creative projects are likely taking up a lot of your time and effort.  Sources of inspiration might include things that are deep, dark, creepy or dangerous.  You might find it exciting to explore the topic of death, psychology, the occult or things that are taboo.  Sexual authenticity and experimentation might be a priority right now, but with Saturn in the 5th, romantic partners might be limited or unavailable.

Saturn transits the 6th house, Uranus transits the 9th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to matters that involve belief systems, education, legal matters, and foreigners/foreign lands. 

You might be fascinated by new belief systems, especially ones that previously seemed too odd, unorthodox or “way out” for you.  You might especially gravitate toward belief systems that belong to a different land or culture and these lead you to incredible insights.  Educational teachers or spiritual leaders might be blowing your mind with new insights but also challenging you, shaking up not only your entrenched world view but your everyday habit patterns and routines.  You might be tempted to overly structure, control or organize your education or spirituality in a concrete way but that would quickly kill off the life and value of what you are learning.  Your health might be poor at this time, forcing you to apply self discipline to your nutrition, exercise or health routines.  Your new spiritual insights might be connected to health matters now.  You might feel obliged to serve others at this time, but are conflicted as to whether you should to stick to traditional ways of doing that or opt for more adventurous and unorthodox methods.  You might have heavier responsibilities re: pets, employees and co-workers.  Sudden legal issues might be shaking you up or causing stress because you want to control the issue but can’t.  Long distance travel is unstable and unpredictable for everyone right now, but for you this instability holds extra impact.  An exciting or eccentric foreigner might be full of surprises, challenging your comfortable ways and causing you to rethink some of your own personal habits. 

Saturn transits the 7th house, Uranus transits the 10th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to your career and public life and to shed old parental and societal conditioning.

You need a lot of freedom, change and diversity in your career and public life now and would do better working for yourself than for a boss.  You need a vocation that leads you in a direction that is new, progressive, unconventional and experimental.  You also need to follow a career that is personally meaningful to you, even if others think you are crazy for pursuing a strange path.  However, other people might be blocking or challenging your freedom at this time.  Your need for authenticity and change in your career might be at odds with your need for long term security in your love relationship.  Your partner might want you to stay on a more traditional and safe job course but this would feel stifling to you.  Sudden and unexpected career matters force you to make changes in your relationship or to see it in a different light.  Your primary love relationship might be going through a difficult or serious period.  Commitments, duties and responsibilities toward your partner might not mesh well with your career plans.  If you are single, you are likely finding it difficult to find someone to connect with.  Relationships might feel blocked or delayed and this might be connected to the instability in your profession or public life.  You might be feeling left out and lonely, or that people are cold or unresponsive.  In general, all of your relationships will require a little extra effort and patience now.

Saturn transits the 8th house, Uranus transits the 11th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to matters that involve friendships and group activities. 

Exciting new friends and dynamic group activities are calling out to you.  You are likely suffering more so than others when it comes to social distancing.  Nevertheless, you are still probably finding some interesting and radical people/groups to connect with online.  You are in the mood for excitement and the new friends you are making these days are probably more inspiring and dynamic than your old friends are.  You might be feeling like your new friends “get you” way more than your old friends do.  Part of you really wants to jump into this new crowd full force, but another part of you, the one that is more cautious and conservative, is holding you back.  Consequently, some of your new friends might be accusing you of being a drag, or too serious, or not progressive enough.  Or they might see you as a sexual prude because you are being careful or cautious when it comes to sex.  Traditionally, the 11th house is the house of freedom from restraint so self-isolating is probably way more frustrating for you than it is for others at this time.  However, Saturn in the 8th can also signify a fear of death or a strong awareness and respect for mortality, which complicates your desire for freedom.  You might be very serious about paying off debt these days but this gets in the way of having fun with your friends.  It’s probably not a good idea to mix financial matters with friends at this time. Your friend’s attitude toward money might be too flippant, unstable, erratic or experimental for you.

Saturn transits the 9th house, Uranus transits the 12th

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to matters involving sorrow or grief, chronic illness, seclusion, confinement, sacrifice and service.

Something about staying at home and retreating from the world during this pandemic might actually be working for you!  Time spent alone to pause and reflect can lead to amazing revelations and sudden insights that allow you to see your life in a completely new light.  This can lead to great progress in healing psychological issues.  However, despite your exciting new insights, you might be feeling torn.  Part of you might be totally intrigued with unorthodox or progressive belief systems that valorize independent thought.  But another part of you might still feel tied to older, more conventional belief systems.  Teachers, spiritual leaders or legal advisors might increase this conflict within yourself by frowning upon your new ideas and challenging you to give them up and return to a more traditional path.  Education or legal matters feel like a heavy load right now with lots of extra work and responsibility.  Uranus in the 12th suggests sudden or unexpected trips to a hospital or other place of confinement (don’t panic–this is not a given and depends on what your natal chart is like!)  If you have a chronic illness, you might be subject to sudden changes in your condition.  If you work in a hospital, prison or other large institutional setting, the environment will be unstable, subject to sudden changes, and full of shocks or surprises.  Flexibility and adaptability will be required to keep up to all the lightning fast changes happening.  Saturn travelling the 9th typically refers to frustration, blocks and delays in long distance travel, which is par for the course during a pandemic.  But the inability to travel might be more frustrating or pose more serious consequences for you than it does for others at this time.  Perhaps the most valuable and exciting (Uranus) journey you can take right now is the journey within (12th house). 

Saturn transits the 10th house, Uranus transits the 1st

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to your personality, self identity and your health.

You are learning to see yourself in a completely new light.  Sudden, unexpected changes that occurred when Uranus crossed your Ascendant set you off on a brand new beginning.  You self-identity went through a sudden dramatic shift, and it will keep shifting until Uranus leaves the first house.  After years of being the same person, you might have the sense that you are now becoming somebody brand new, shedding your skin over and over again.  You might be feeling inspired and excited about trying new things or making a fresh start and you require the freedom to experiment and follow your inner bliss.  However, career responsibilities and your public image are tying you down and not letting you go as far as you wish.  Expectations from a boss, a parent, an authority figure or society in general might clash with your will and your desire to experiment with a new identity.  These authority figures might seem super conventional and restrictive and they probably don’t understand the new direction you need to go in.  But your connection to them is strong and you still probably feel the need to placate them.  It’s important to be honest, even if it leads to conflict.  You will not likely find a sweet spot of resolution between your new personality and society’s expectations but it will still be a very valuable time as you wrestle with competing interests both inside yourself and externally in your career and family life.  Health wise, you might feel more restless or jittery than usual or prone to sudden bursts of energy.    

Saturn transits the 11th house, Uranus transits the 2nd

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity in your approach to finances, possessions, and material security. 

Financial matters are unstable right now which can challenge your sense of security.  Money matters see-saw up and down and are unpredictable from one month to the next.  However, you might be dreaming up unusual ways to make money or handle your material needs.  You might decide to take a risk or a gamble and head off in an unusual or progressive new financial direction.  However, your friends and the network you belong to might be advising you to be more cautious and conservative.  You crave financial freedom and want to experiment with money at this time but obligations to a group restricts your ability to go full force.  You might try to compromise by applying old-fashioned business methods to your new income scheme.  This can be beneficial some of the time, but there will be times when you might need to just go out on a financial limb and try something that never has been done before.   Responsibilities toward friends or groups you belong to might feel heavier than usual.  While everybody in this pandemic is feeling frustrated with social distancing measures, Saturn in the 11th can push feelings of alienation and isolation to the extreme.  Your sense of feeling restricted and tied down will likely be more significant than for most people.  Be sure to put some work and effort into reaching out and socializing with others–it might seem pointless, depressing or like it takes too much energy, but you really need to stay connected to others now.

Saturn transits the 12th house, Uranus transits the 3rd

You have the potential now to bring more authenticity to matters involving your neighbors or neighborhood, roommates, siblings, reading/writing/communicating and education/teaching. 

With Uranus in the 3rd house, excitement and adventure lie right outside your door, in your own backyard and neighborhood.  Unexpected conversations and surprise events abound when you roam about your own neighborhood now, leading to inspiration and revelation.  There might be sudden unexpected communications with siblings, cousins, roommates, neighbors, classmates, or teachers especially with those who are odd, unusual, eccentric, rebellious, progressive, unpredictable or high-strung.  These interactions will challenge your everyday thought patterns and lead you to see ordinary things in a new light.  Saturn joys in the 12th house and this placement speaks to the experience of quarantine isolation during the pandemic.  Some of you might actually be reveling in the enforced seclusion and are doing some of your hardest and best work at home now.  However, you will still be subjected to a constant stream of surprise interruptions from other people in your environment which will force you out of your house to make unexpected excursions in your local neighborhood.  Learning or teaching is highlighted now, and you will gravitate toward subjects or teachers that are highly progressive, unorthodox, revolutionary or unconventional.  Or you might completely shun having a formal teacher right now in favor of exploring a subject on your own, letting your own authentic nature drive the learning process.

Want to know more about how the Saturn/Uranus square is affecting your own personal life and struggle for authenticity?  You can book a personal consultation with Danielle by clicking here.


(1) Green, Jeffrey Wolf.  Pluto Volume II:  The Soul’s Evolution through Relationships.  2009: MPG Biddles Ltd., UK. Pg 220.

(2) Maté, Gabor.  How Childhood Trauma Leads to Addiction.  After Skool Video, Youtube, Jan 20, 2021.

(3) Tarnas, Richard. Cosmos and Psyche:  Intimations of a New World View.  2016: Plume, New York  Pg. 234.

“We are not here to fit in, be well balanced, or provide exempla for others. We are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange, perhaps merely to add our small piece, our little clunky, chunky selves, to the great mosaic of being. As the gods intended, we are here to become more and more ourselves.”
― James Hollis, What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life

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