Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon

The natal chart offers many suggestions on how to cope with anxiety.  The natal Moon is usually a relatively simple place to start.  In modern psychological astrology, the Moon relates to our emotional nature, our unconscious mind and habits, and most importantly for our purposes here, our security needs.  How the Moon attempts to gain security depends on many factors in the natal chart, but for this article, we will just look at the Moon’s sign, house placement, and planetary phase.  For those of you who study astrology and who want to dig deeper, you can also take into account the sect of the chart, the condition of the Moon’s ruler and the aspects the Moon makes to other planets.

An Astrological Cookbook of Security Seeking:  The Moon through the Signs and Houses

Moon in Aries or the 1st House

For Aries Moons, security comes from taking action, initiating new things, being bold, and energizing your environment.  Your biggest problem right now might be restlessness and finding enough activities to do.  If you are still working, then you are probably happy because you have a way to burn off excess energy–keeping busy calms you down.  Being stuck at home with nothing to do drives you crazy, so you will need to dream up energizing activities that you can do each day in order to feel secure.  

Your security also comes from being enterprising so if you are at loose ends right now, start something new–something that you have never done before.  You have a wonderful inborn talent to be innovative and pioneering and these are skills that are very valuable now.  You might be able to devise creative solutions to some of the problems that the pandemic is posing for you or for other people.

To gain security, you need to do things that make you feel powerful.  You tend to enjoy competition and taking bold risks so physical exercise or sports can provide an outlet for some of these qualities and make you feel psychologically stronger, too.  If there is no one else around to compete with, then simply compete with your own personal best each day.

Your talent lies in bringing fresh new energy to your surroundings.  If you are home-bound with your family and everyone is getting moody, you are the one who can turn that around by announcing a surprise “dance party” or suddenly devising a new activity for the kids.  Injecting upbeat new energy into your environment can help you and everyone around you feel more courageous and carefree.

If your Moon is in Aries, check out its ruler, Mars for more info about how to gain emotional security.

"Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon" Wondering how to find relief from the anxieties caused by the pandemic? Your natal Moon has some answers. To find out how to feel more secure in tough times, click through to read the article now.

Moon in Taurus or the 2nd House

Of all the Moon signs, Taurus Moons are some of the most security-seeking (and perhaps the most self-aware of this tendency.)  Because the Moon is exalted in Taurus, you tend to pursue security consciously and naturally, day-to-day.  More often than not, your sense of security comes from your finances, your possessions, your creature comforts and from creating stability in your life.  Longevity and permanence provides you with inner comfort; you want your possessions and relationships to stand the test of time and so you work hard to make sure that they do.

However, this pandemic is currently wreaking havoc with your finances and material life, and there is a general sense of impermanence hovering over the economy that is probably making you very anxious.  Try to remember that security does not lie solely in the material world.  Rather, it comes from within yourself and is cultivated by your own state of mind.  When anxious, you need to learn to deal with the emotion itself instead of projecting it onto your bank balance, the contents of your freezer or the amount of toilet paper you have in the house.  This might require that you learn to develop faith in positive outcomes, and learn to release your need for control.  Relinquishing control over to a spiritual practice or a Higher Power (who by its own very nature is permanent and unchanging) might provide you with the relief and security you crave.

Your 5-senses are more developed than the other Moon signs.  Touch, taste, sight, sound and smell have an unusually strong impact on your psychological well-being.  During this pandemic you are probably the person who is baking bread from scratch or spending most of your time in the kitchen preparing your favorite comfort foods.  Security also comes from physical touch and being held, so if you are living with other people right now, opt for lots of hugs, back rubs or foot massages.  If you live alone, find other ways to bring comfort to your 5 senses such as taking long baths or surrounding yourself with your favorite smelling flowers.

Probably the biggest thing bothering you right now is the change in your routine.  Change is not something you particularly enjoy.  For you, security comes from keeping things exactly the way they are and being in control of that.  But the irony here is that trying to keep everything the same actually creates enormous stress for you, because life constantly changes.  The sooner you learn to adapt and roll with life’s inevitable changes day to day, the more secure you will become.  If you are feeling rattled by your change of routine, try to establish a new one quickly and create new habits.  But keep in mind that you might need to alter those again soon!  And that is okay.

If your Moon is in Taurus, check out its ruler, Venus for more info about how to gain emotional security.


Moon in Gemini or the 3rd House

Gemini Moons can gain security by communicating–you benefit from stating how you feel to other people, either through speaking or writing.  Since your in-person network has dried up due to the quarantine, you need to keep up with alternate forms of socializing and networking in order to feel secure.  You require a continuous exchange of energy with others in order to feel your best.  If nobody is around, journaling might alleviate some of the stress–try to at least get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and marked down on paper.

You feel good when you can use your mind and intellect so books, online courses, games or intellectual puzzles will help you pass time now and burn up a lot of your nervous mental energy.  Collecting data and exchanging information tends to make you feel secure, so you are likely spending a lot of time on the internet on fact-finding missions and sharing pandemic information with others. 

Your security also lies in being able to physically move around a lot, so being home bound is likely hitting you hard.  Always on the move, you usually love taking quick trips around your neighborhood and city, so being forced to stay still in one place can feel excruciating now.  If you are cooped up too long and sitting down too much, you need to periodically jump up, stretch your legs, go for a walk or do spot-exercises.  If it is an option, home exercise equipment would be a good investment right now.

Monotony is also hard on you.  A routine that stays the same day after day can feel downright painful to you.  Your security lies in injecting variety into your life and being exposed to novel things.  So challenge your mind each day to learn new things.  Take frequent breaks from what you are doing or change your focus to something else every half hour in order to keep your sensitive nervous system happy.  

Gemini Moons are masters of distraction when it comes to dealing with emotions.  Instead of confronting and feeling your emotions, you tend to engage in hyperactivity, overwork, multi-tasking, smoking, stress-eating, or too much social media and video games.  An increase in restlessness or irritation signals that you might actually be feeling sad, depressed or angry.  Often, you will not willingly face your feelings until you become crippled by anxiety attacks.  Once that happens, instead of reaching for booze or weed to artificially calm yourself down, learn to connect to your body and your feelings more.  Learn to allow your feelings to flow for a few minutes each day.  Emotions tend to transform on their own if we get out of their way and just let them flow through us.  So if you are willing to tolerate a few unpleasant minutes feeling the depths of your emotions each day, you will discover that it makes you feel more secure in the long run.

If your Moon is in Gemini, check out its ruler, Mercury for more info about how to gain emotional security.

"Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon" Wondering how to find relief from the anxieties caused by the pandemic? Your natal Moon has some answers. To find out how to feel more secure in tough times, click through to read the article now.

Moon in Cancer or the 4th house

Cancer Moons are inherently security-seeking, but unlike Taurus Moons who seek security via the material world, Cancer Moons seek it via their emotional life.  The Moon is in its dignity in Cancer so emotions, feelings and intuition are very important to you.  You gain security from being in an environment where the people around you understand, honor and support your feelings.

Security also comes from putting energy into your private domestic life.  Your house, home and family connections are a huge source of security for you.  So being home-bound with your family is not likely to be a huge problem for you in a pandemic because it is the place you naturally gravitate toward when you feel threatened.   

Cancer Moons gain security when they nurture others.  Whether it’s your family, kids, friends, pets, or plants, it feels good to offer love and nourishment to those who need it.  You tend to have a good understanding of the emotional realm (both of your own feelings and the emotional states of others) and so you are good at providing others with food, love, compassion–anything that makes them feel secure and nourished.  

Security also comes from your sense of connection to your clan or nation.  So knowing that your whole country is at risk both medically and financially is probably making you feel very threatened right now.  You might offset this feeling by volunteering to help others or doing whatever you can to contribute to the well-being of your country. 

Security and comfort might also come from your traditions now.  The past holds a lot of meaning for you, and when you are anxious, you tend to backtrack to tried-and-true methods that worked before, rather than bringing in something new or foreign to your experience.

The thing you need to watch out for is a tendency to lose perspective.   If you dwell on your emotions too much, you can easily tip into moodiness, becoming weepy, overly sentimental or stuck in the past.  And while you love being home and generally find it a safe place to be, too much isolating at home with the family is not good for you because it can make you feel helpless, dependent or child-like.  If you start to feel weak and overwhelmed, it might be a cue to take a break from the emotional realm and strive to be more cerebral again.  Reason, logic and rational thinking can help pull you out of a subjective rut.  If you are nagged by nebulous worries, instead of trying to evade a problem, put on your Boss pants.  Assume responsibility for fixing the issue, create a practical goal and then get to work on it.  

Cancer Moons tend to reach for dairy products when they are anxious.  Something about the creaminess feels soothing and provides security.  Note that if you have a flu or (God forbid) you actually have Covid 19, it is a good idea to avoid dairy products because they can thicken mucus and make congestion last longer than usual. If you crave something creamy and luscious, maybe opt for a vegan alternative now.  There’s plenty of vegan milks, yogurts, ice creams and dairy-free cheezes to satisfy you without the health risks.

Like all water Moon signs, you possess a psychic streak and are easily influenced by the feeling states of the people around you.  Make sure that you take a break from looking after everybody else in order to spend some time in solitude so you can ground and center yourself again.


Moon in Leo or the 5th house

With a Leo Moon, you find security by being your own true self and sharing that self with the world.  Security comes from being seen, heard, acknowledged and applauded.  To feel your best, you need to have your talents and gifts recognized and appreciated.  In order to gain security you need to do things that make you feel special or like you stand out in some way.  You also feel more secure, happy and fulfilled when you are able to use your creative talents and gifts.  During a pandemic, Leo Moons are often the ones taking to social media to entertain the rest of us with your musical or theatrical performances or your creative genius.

Your gift is your positive nature–you can help others keep their spirits up during this dark time.  Joy-seeking and fun-seeking gives you a sense of security.  You might find that it doesn’t take much for you to spark some life into the people around you and get everybody involved in a bit of play.  You probably have a way with children and youth, too, so you might gain security from spending more time with young people now. 

Some of you will find that your sense of security strengthens whenever you step into a leadership role.  You were born with a large measure of courage and this talent could come in handy during a crisis.  If you see a situation brewing that would benefit from your authority, step up and take the helm now.  

In order to feel secure, you need to feel like you are being treated with the appropriate amount of  honor you deserve.  You are naturally giving and generous, but if someone fails to appreciate and respect you or fails to see the worth of your talents and gifts, you need to stop wasting time on them and move on.    

A fixed sign, you are not big on change so your first instinct when the pandemic hit was probably to try to carry on like usual, only to quickly discover that things are not usual anymore.  Adjusting might feel hard at times.  Your challenge is to find outlets for your creativity and to continue to express who you are, with or without an audience.  It might help to learn to feed your own self-worth by applauding yourself and your own achievements so that you aren’t so dependent on public feedback right now.  

If your Moon is in Leo, check out its ruler, the Sun for more info about how to gain emotional security.

"Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon" Wondering how to find relief from the anxieties caused by the pandemic? Your natal Moon has some answers. To find out how to feel more secure in tough times, click through to read the article now.

Moon in Virgo or the 6th House

To gain security, Virgo Moons need to feel as if you are always moving forward in life toward greater perfection.  You don’t like to reach plateaus–you need to feel that things are always getting better and you will work hard to make sure that happens.  If you suddenly find yourself in a situation where things appear to be permanently breaking down or like they can no longer improve, you get unhappy pretty quickly.

Virgo Moons tend to find security in being organized and efficient.  A chaotic environment is detrimental to your inner state.  The more tidy, uncluttered, organized or efficient your environment is, the calmer you feel.  However, when over indulged, the quest for perfection can quickly become a trap that leads to insecurity.  When anxious, you need to walk a fine line between keeping enough order in your home so that you feel reasonably secure without tipping over into compulsive perfectionism. 

You tend to gain security when you do things that make you feel in control.  The only problem is that during a pandemic, everything feels out of control.  So it is important to focus on the things you actually can control right now, no matter how small, and remind yourself to let go of the rest for now.  For example, you might not be able to control a pandemic, but in your own life you can wash your hands and practice physical distancing and that goes a long way toward helping with the pandemic. 

Security also comes from analyzing things and figuring out how they function.  So security might grow from analyzing the pandemic, how it operates, and what practical steps you can do to protect yourself.  However, you do have a tendency to get fixated on small, inconsequential details, which can produce anxiety and make you lose sight of the Big Picture.  Try not to lose your mind over little details now.

If you are not managing your emotions well during this pandemic, you might end up projecting your unconscious fears into an obsession with contagion.  You might start spending too much time researching vitamins or engaging in compulsive hygiene practices.  Learn to dig deeper into your feelings so that you are not getting sidetracked by health rituals that do not really combat the root cause of your anxiety.

You might find comfort in spending time looking after pets and other animals.  6th House Moons usually like to cook and derive a lot of pleasure and security from doing that.  Others like to grow vegetable or herb gardens.  

You like being useful, productive and of service so helping others probably gives you a strong sense of security now.  If you are working or volunteering right now, watch out for overwork and burn out.  Feeling excessively critical of everything is a tip-off that you are exhausted or need to apply TLC to yourself and inner emotions.  Chances are, if you were born with a Virgo or 6th house Moon you are more than likely working in a health profession, and so your anxiety rates are likely to be very high now.  Finding time for self-care is absolutely vital in order to keep yourself healthy, strong and feeling secure.

If your Moon is in Virgo, check out its ruler, Mercury for more info about how to gain emotional security.

"Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon" Wondering how to find relief from the anxieties caused by the pandemic? Your natal Moon has some answers. To find out how to feel more secure in tough times, click through to read the article now.

Moon in Libra or the 7th House

For those with Moon in Libra, security comes from being with another person, one-to-one.  When you are feeling emotional, your first reaction might be to turn to your partner, friend or family member whom you trust–security comes from having some company.  But then the problem becomes: what if you are alone at home and have to practice physical distancing due to quarantine?  Of course, you can always grab the phone or get online to contact others.  But at some point in your life, you will be thrown back on yourself and need to come to terms with your own individual coping methods.  True security does not lie in other people, because that puts you in a very precarious position should nobody be available.  So it’s a good idea to learn some self-soothing practices–meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises etc. or cultivate a spiritual practice that you can lean on during difficult times.  In the long run, your own abilities to self-soothe will bring you more security than another person can.

If you have a Libra Moon, you gain security from pleasing other people and keeping a harmonious social environment.  Nothing throws you into a tailspin faster than arguments and conflict, even if you are just a witness to it and not directly involved.  But overdoing the peacekeeper role can actually lead to insecurity.  If you are in quarantine with your partner or family, you will quickly discover that you cannot please everyone and yourself at the same time.  Learning skills to help you deal with relationship conflict will help you gain far more security than forever trying to evade disagreements.  Security also grows when you learn to be honest with others.  Hiding how you truly feel might seem like a safe practice to you, but in the long run it just makes you feel more anxious.  So learn how to speak up and say what’s on your mind, even if you think it will not be received well.  

For Libra, security also comes from having an aesthetically pleasing environment whose beauty instills inner harmony.  When Libra Moons dwell in harsh or ugly environments for long periods of time, your soul starts to feel ill, leading to depression and other physical effects.  So it’s okay to spend time beautifying your surroundings now, because it will do wonders for your inner state.

Security also comes from maintaining a reasonable amount of balance in your life.  You might be working overtime and having to deal with much more stress.  Or you are at home trying to play referee with irritated family members.  Balance might seem impossible right now.  But do your best to eat properly, take in a little exercise, get enough sleep at night and maintain your mental health as well. 

Finally, Libra Moons tend to seek solace in sweets and desserts.  Unfortunately, this is a false security.  Sugar lowers the immune system, causes inflammation in the body and leaves you more susceptible to getting Covid-19.  So do your best to avoid desserts and junk food now.

If your Moon is in Libra, check out its ruler, Venus for more info about how to gain emotional security.

"Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon" Wondering how to find relief from the anxieties caused by the pandemic? Your natal Moon has some answers. To find out how to feel more secure in tough times, click through to read the article now.

Moon in Scorpio or the 8th House

The Moon is in fall in Scorpio, and those of you who have this signature probably already know that it has a reputation for being a tough gig.  But it has many gifts to offer, too.  For one thing, you might be the type who is really good in a crisis.  So this pandemic thing might not phase you a lot, compared to some. 

For you, security comes from acknowledging and dealing with your deep intense feelings and from learning to manage trauma, jealousy, abandonment and mistrust.  As well, security comes from connecting with people who can handle your deep feelings, your intense nature, and your difficult past.  Security comes from being around people who don’t judge you.  

Security comes from transcending what you perceive are your own limits or boundaries.  It might seem counter intuitive but ultimately, your security comes from the process of completely breaking down, losing everything, and yet surviving and rising up again.  Strength comes from knowing that you have already faced the worst thing possible in your life and survived, so you know you can pretty much survive anything.

Security also comes from being in control over your own person.  You know what it is like to be buffeted about by forces beyond your control, and so you seek to keep that at a minimum.  You resent being manipulated or controlled and so you have become good at sniffing out subtle undercurrents and secrets so you can avoid this.  Understanding other people’s motivations and psychology makes you feel safe.  However, if over-indulged, this can lead to unnecessary paranoia and the tendency to try to manipulate other people.  Keep your head on straight now.

You probably have heard this a thousand times, but true security will come when you learn to forgive and move on from past hurts.  Easier said than done, I know.  And watch out for seeking a false sense of security via sex.  Bonding with others tends to make you feel more powerful–you like to associate with people who possess things or traits that you lack and wish to develop in yourself.  But remember that true security does not come from other people–ultimately, it comes from inside yourself.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, so you tend to resist change.  If you are feeling down, you might hate it when people try to cheer you up.  Sometimes this is because you sense that they don’t truly understand how you really feel.  Other times, it is a case of “misery loves company”–what you really want is to have someone share in your hurt and feel the pain as much as you do.  While it is good to talk to someone who understands your feelings, it is also good to know when to occasionally let go of the dark and strive to join the land of the living again.  When you are feeling your worst, “Act as if” might be good advice.  Even if you feel totally crappy, for an hour a day, try to act as if you are someone who feels “normal” and just do some normal activities.  In doing so, over time you will build a ladder that helps lead you out of your dark moments.

If your Moon is in Scorpio, check out its rulers, Mars and Pluto for more info about how to gain emotional security.


Moon in Sagittarius or the 9th house

To gain security, Sag Moons need to do things that make you feel like your life is expanding, growing bigger and heading in exciting and fun directions.  You feel secure whenever you suddenly experience a joyous sense that “the world is my oyster!”

Sag Moons gain security when you know you have the freedom to roam at will and go on adventures.  You need to know that you always have the choice to just drop everything and go, should you so desire.  You constantly feel an itch to chase after new goals that you dream up, so being free and unattached is key to your security because it allows you to pursue those goals. 

You seek the positive things in life–things that are fun, exciting or that make you feel like your world is opening up and blooming with opportunities.  But the world is currently contracting right now and opportunities are closing off for everybody, which can make you feel a little panicked.  And being cooped up in a house or apartment during a pandemic likely makes you feel like a racehorse trapped in its stall. 

In order to deal with quarantine, you might need to re-frame and re-define your experience of it.  Instead of viewing physical distancing at home as “torture”–rather, try to see it as an adventure and a journey through which you are going to learn a great deal about life and about yourself.  It’s still possible to find adventure now, even in your own basement or in your own backyard.  

Your Moon sign finds comfort in being able to move around a lot, so physical exercise and sports will go a long way to help you cope now.  Most of you have a strong connection to nature and the wilderness, so if you have access to a park or nature trail, head off there as much as you can.  Security comes from connecting to your “wild inner child”–the part of you that is free, natural and untamed by “civilization.”

To gain security, you need to feel the assurance that you can still chase after all your travel destinations and pursue all your goals.  Remind yourself that you will still be able to do that in your life.  For now, though, you need to set some different goals that mesh with the current situation and pursue them instead, just for the time being.

If you have a Moon in Sagittarius, you are typically a positive and upbeat person.  Your optimism and enthusiasm is a gift during difficult times and it helps protect you and those around you from falling into depression.  But do remember that many people around you are grieving.  Jokes and light-hearted remarks might make you feel more secure, but can feel harsh or cruel to people who are depressed.  So it might be beneficial to listen more now and speak less so you can better gauge when it’s appropriate to make jokes and when not to.

Some of you might be bookish types and will gain comfort from reading, writing or studying now.  You might be the type who takes to a stack of books to escape your thoughts and lose yourself in a different world for a while.  Armchair travelling is helpful now–watching travel shows or reading magazines about far away places.  You probably love teaching, and that can bring a lot of security now.  Understanding something and explaining to someone else goes a long way to making you feel more powerful and masterful.  And some of you will also be turning to your belief systems for security; faith and spirituality will be your anchor during this time, helping you to derive meaning from what is currently happening in the world.

If your Moon is in Sagittarius, check out its ruler, Jupiter for more info about how to gain emotional security.

"Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon" Wondering how to find relief from the anxieties caused by the pandemic? Your natal Moon has some answers. To find out how to feel more secure in tough times, click through to read the article now.

Moon in Capricorn or the 10th house

If you have the Moon in Capricorn, the state of your material life is what feeds your sense of security.  You derive security from your your bank balance and career achievements.  For you, the greatest worry brought on by the pandemic is likely to be its impact on your job and the national economy.  You might be losing sleep over your investments or the bills due at the end of the month.  You wonder what you can do to protect your house and other real estate. 

If you are one of the people who have been laid off, this is hitting you super hard because you tend to identify strongly with your job role.  You might not see a great deal of difference between your self identity and your job title.  And without your career, you might be feeling quite lost. 

For you, security comes from gaining respect from mainstream society and from your peers.  More often than not, you gain this through your career.  And so if you are stuck without any work to do, not only does boredom drive you crazy, but you feel like you have lost respect from others, and maybe even your own self respect, too.  For you, security comes from feeling in control of a situation, and well, let’s face it–nobody can control what is happening during a pandemic.  So it’s time to practice deep breathing as you let go of your need for control at this time.  It’s time to find out who you are apart from your job title and the amount of money you make.

The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn, so you might not be especially comfortable or skilled in dealing with emotions, either in yourself or in others.  When you are feeling anxious or upset, you might be the type who simply throws yourself into some hard work until you feel better.  Or you might take up responsibility for others in some fashion in order to distract yourself and make you feel more strong, “adult” or in control.  If that sounds like you, try not to work yourself into the ground now.  At some point you will need to simply allow yourself to be vulnerable and feel your own feelings.  Most of you would rather walk on hot coals than deal with emotions, however.  And Cap Moons have a reputation for taking to drink in order to avoid what they are feeling.  So instead of burning yourself out with work or drinking yourself into a whole host of new problems, let’s take a different approach.  Use this time to get re-acquainted with your true feelings as well as the feelings of the people around you.

When feeling threatened, you tend to gravitate toward traditional ways of doing things.  You might not be interested in experimenting now and will cling to the tried-and-true instead.  It is probably time to play it safe or conservative now in order to ensure your peace of mind.

An enthusiastic goal setter, security grows when you set yourself some goals to achieve.  If a monthly goal seems too daunting now, set yourself weekly ones or a small daily goal each day–one that you know you can do easily enough.  At the end of the day, savor the fact that you are still accomplishing the goals you are setting.

If your Moon is in Capricorn, check out its ruler Saturn for more info about how to gain emotional security.

"Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon" Wondering how to find relief from the anxieties caused by the pandemic? Your natal Moon has some answers. To find out how to feel more secure in tough times, click through to read the article now.

Moon in Aquarius or the 11th house

In order to feel secure, Aquarius Moons like to step back from an emotional situation and mentally analyze it from a distance.  You take comfort in objectivity and you are good at rationally analyzing your emotions.  Often, you will apply academic or abstract theories to your psychological state in order to understand it better.  However, intellectually understanding your emotions doesn’t mean that you are actually feeling your emotions.  Of all the Air Moons, Aquarius Moons are the most skilled at by-passing their feelings altogether.  At some point you will have to stop running away from your feelings and learn how to recognize, acknowledge and feel your emotions.  Easily traumatized and prone to dissociation, you gain security when learn how to tolerate uncomfortable emotional sensations without splitting off from them in order to mentally analyze them.

Aquarius Moons are natural sociologists–security for you lies in understanding your connection with larger society and the global population.  During quarantine, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how the pandemic affects your country as a whole, or how it affects the world.  If you face a personal emotional challenge, it often makes you feel better if you can trace its roots to a societal or global problem.  You tend to feel more secure when you know that other people have to deal with the same problem, too and that you are not alone in your battle.  

For you, security lies in activism and fighting for a cause.  You take comfort in engaging in humanitarian activities that will make the future a better place for all of humanity.  In order to feel secure during this pandemic, you need to do things that affirm your role as an agent of change on this planet.

You also gain security by painting yourself as an outsider–someone who is different or who resides outside the mainstream.  You feel like you don’t fit in with the rest of the world and might pride yourself on being more woke and having a more accurate view of reality.  But while your outsider status gives you some comfort, at the same time it can increase your sense of alienation and loneliness too, which is already flaring due quarantine restrictions.  So try not to beat that Outsider drum too much right now.  Instead, maybe take comfort in group support now.  You naturally gravitate toward groups, and this will go a long way toward helping you cope now.  Spend more time with your online groups.  Communicate your feelings and ideas to help you feel better.  If you feel like a weirdo or out of place in the world, then security comes from finding others who are on the fringes like you are.  There you can share your unique ideas and talk about your views of the state of the world.   

If your Moon is in Aquarius, check out its rulers, Saturn and Uranus for more info about how to gain emotional security.


Moon in Pisces or the 12th house

Pisces Moons tend to feel secure when you can drop out of the real world for a while into a sanctuary of peace, privacy and retreat.  There is a strong need to recreate the primal safety and comfort of the womb and solitude helps you fulfill that need.  Spending time alone helps you feel more physically solid, too.  No matter how much of an extrovert you are, spending too much time with other people can leave you feeling spaced out or tired due to your propensity for absorbing all the emotions and feelings in your environment.

Some Pisces Moons gain security by trying to lose their boundaries.  You were born with the instinct to lose your individual sense of self so you can feel a Oneness with all things.  You tend to unconsciously seek connection with this Oneness in various ways, some of them healthy, some of them not so much.  The best options are through spiritual activities, meditation or participating in group music events.  Some other relatively harmless ways of losing your boundaries include daydreaming, fantasizing, and losing yourself in books, tv or films.  The worst ways to seek Oneness and lose your boundaries are by drinking too much, over indulging in recreational drugs, too much promiscuous sex or binge eating.  Try to avoid those tactics for now.

When super anxious, you sometimes resort to creating emotional or physical chaos.  Chaos creates a temporary oblivion, helps you to evade your emotions and gives you a break from dealing with challenging situations.  Chaos is seductive because it feels like it leads you closer to the ultimate connection with Oneness or Source, but in the end, it doesn’t.  It makes you feel worse and creates even more problems in your life.  It will actually bring you more security to face your feelings and your problems and start trying to do something practical about them instead of running away from them.

Pisces Moons often find security when they are helping others, being of service and offering love, support and compassion.  You have a big heart and it makes you feel better if you can help those who are weak or downtrodden.  There are many people who are in need during this time of crisis and getting busy with some humanitarian work can make you feel stronger and less anxious.

Remember that security also comes from knowing where your emotions end and others’ begins.  You are probably unconsciously picking up a lot of anxiety from the world right now.  Even if you are feeling relatively safe in your own situation, your highly psychic and intuitive Moon is absorbing a lot of fear generated by everyone else in the world.  You would probably benefit from increasing your psychic shields during this time so that you can sleep at night without being bombarded by the anxieties of the rest of the world.

And finally, never estimate the healing effect of water.  Bathing, soaking or swimming often has profound effects for a Pisces Moon.  When stressed out, seek out a lake, a river, the ocean or another pleasant place near a body of water.  You might also need to drink more water than usual in order to feel your best now.

If your Moon is in Pisces, check out its rulers, Jupiter and Neptune for more info about how to gain emotional security.


Find Security Using Sun/Moon Phases

Evolutionary Astrology is big on reading aspects between planets in terms of their phases.  There are 8 general planetary phases and each represents a specific focus.  To determine what phase your Moon is in, locate the Sun in your natal chart then measure the number of degrees between it and the natal Moon, going in zodiacal order (a counterclockwise direction. )   

Each phase is either a Yang phase, where your energy is moving outward into the world or a Yin phase, where your energy is pulling back to center and reflecting on inner processes.  In Evolutionary astrology, the phase of the Sun/Moon planetary pair shows how you actualize your individual purpose in your daily life.  In addition, we can use the phase of the Moon to tell us what you need to pursue in order to feel secure.

Planetary Phases with Keywords (2)_LI
Figure 1. Planetary Phases and their Keywords

Most of the following information on phases comes from Jeffrey Wolf Green’s perspective on planetary pair phases, and can be found in his book, Pluto Volume II:  The Soul’s Evolution through Relationships.  2009: MPG Biddles Ltd., UK, as well as in the book EA Glossary: Guiding Principles of Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology.  2014:  School of Evolutionary Astrology.

New Phase: Oº to 45º  Yang

The keyword for New Phase is instinct, defined by Jeffrey Wolf Green as action without forethought.  If your Sun and Moon are in New Phase together, you are starting a brand new evolutionary cycle in this lifetime and require a lot of freedom to follow your instincts so that you can experiment and initiate new things.  Your task is to explore new directions so you can discover what resonates with you.  The result is a growth in self-knowledge.  Freedom and choice are important for your security needs, especially the freedom to choose your own actions and make your own mistakes.  So during this pandemic your biggest problem might be feeling physically penned in along with a deep resentment of being told what to do (eg. “stay home, maintain physical distance, don’t travel! etc.).  To feel secure again, you need to find a way to feed your spirit of exploration and experimentation but in way that honors the current limitations of the pandemic.  You might benefit from starting a new project at home or at work now, especially if it is something you have never tried before,

Crescent Phase 45º to 90º  Yin

The keyword for the Crescent Phase is struggle, and specifically, the struggle to find your individual purpose in life.  This phase is about narrowing down your activities so that your actions start to align more with your true individual nature.  Your task is to discover and strengthen your sense of self.  The struggle comes from being constantly challenged by society, which can pull you off track by tempting you to follow the mainstream rather than your own inner nature.  Due to the Yin nature of this phase, a lot of this struggle takes place inside yourself as you wrestle with inner tensions.  If you are not working right now, the retreat to solitude and stillness during the pandemic can actually help you gain more security, by forcing you to pause, reflect and regroup.  Now is the time to check in with how you are feeling inside and what your true desires are, without all the noise, judgement and confusing messages coming at you from the rest of the world.  Use this time to ask yourself:  Where have I been putting my energy up till now and does that feel right or good?  A sense of security might come from re-defining your true individual purpose and putting your energy into that, even if it means resisting pressures coming at your from other people.

First Quarter Phase:  90º to 135º Yang

The keyword for the First Quarter Phase is crisis in action.  Through crisis, you are challenged to take action to establish your own individuality–to live out your true nature in your daily life.  This can take place with a lot of bluster and conflict (if your Sun and Moon are in square aspect) or more harmoniously (if your Sun and Moon are in trine). But the essential inner calling is the same:  put your money where your mouth is.  Security comes from taking action to further your own individual nature and true purpose in life.  The challenge for you, as it is for any planetary pair in a Yang phase, is:  how do I take action when I am in lock-down or self-isolation?  If your Sun and Moon are in square, you might be tempted to burn off this energy by becoming rebellious and starting arguments or causing conflict while you are at home with loved ones.  While this might temporarily make you feel better because you feel like you are fighting for your individuality, it will generally make things worse for both you and your family.  So pick your battles wisely now.  Instead, try making a list of actions you can take now.  They could be anything from fixing your broken motorbike to taking an online course to finally learning to paint watercolors.  Doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you feel it further enhances your true self. 

Gibbous Phase 135º to 180º  Yin

The keywords for this phase are adjustment or self analysisIn particular, you are learning to adjust your individual development with your social development.  You are in a transitional state and starting to integrate more with society.  In the process you develop objective self-awareness and humility plus you start to really hone and improve your personal talents and skills.  Security comes from the sense that you are improving yourself.  Feedback from others plus self-analysis allow you to objectively determine what needs more work and where you need to apply self discipline. 

This phase tends to make you overly critical of yourself and your abilities.  Procrastination might be a problem because you might never feel ready or perfect enough to actually start something.  Security comes from shutting off your inner self criticism, pushing through the urge to procrastinate and just taking action, without analyzing it all too much.  Even though the result might not be perfect, just do it anyway.  In our current pandemic situation, we are all being forced to improvise as we go–nothing is for certain and nothing is perfect.  And that is totally okay right now.

Full Phase 180 º to 225º Yang

Keywords for this phase are meaning and completion.  Your individual subjective self is being “completed” by developing a social identity and a more objective awareness of yourself.  Your task is to increase your awareness of the external world and other people’s perspective and to create equal relationships.  At times you might think security seems to come from your relationships.  But if you are spending too much time with other people, that can flip and then your security suddenly lies in withdrawing to gain balance and connect with your true self again.  During this pandemic, your challenge is to walk the fine line between relationships and solitude.  It will never feel perfect.  You are destined to bounce wildly back and forth between the two poles in this lifetime.  So if you live alone right now, your security might lie in your outside relationships.  But if you are cooped up with other people right now, your security might lie in carving out some  badly needed “me-time” so you can ground and reflect on all that you learned when you were in social mode.

Disseminating Phase 225º to 275º Yin

The keyword for this phase is society and socializationYou are here to immerse yourself in the world and live out your individual purpose through your career or public life.  Your goal is to fully understand your social role in the world and how to be a productive member of society.  Part of the process might even involve changing society in a positive way.  For you, security lies in your connections to the society you live in–your job, your career, your volunteer work or your public life.  And if you are not working in an essential service right now, chances are you are stuck at home and feeling very lost and out of sorts.  To gain back a sense of security, you need to find a way to keep contributing to the world and fulfill your social destiny.  Try to find new ways to connect–volunteer your services to help others or circulate helpful media online–anything that helps the world function and stay afloat now.  

Last Quarter Phase 270º to 315º  Yang

Keywords for the Last Quarter Phase are crisis in consciousnessThe nature of this phase is de-conditioning from society and mainstream thought.  The de-conditioning usually arrives via a crisis of your belief system which then leads to a crisis in your self-identity and lifestyle.  This is an uncomfortable phase because you begin to feel like you don’t fit in with the rest of the world.  You see through things–society and its norms no longer mesh with what you have experienced to be true for yourself.  For example, you might disagree with some of the ways that the government is handling the pandemic, but you are cautious about saying this out loud because it goes against the status quo.  This causes an uncomfortable state of tension inside of yourself until you begin to pay more attention to your own inner truth.

Security for you depends on where you are at in the de-conditioning process.  If you feel like you are simply playing a role that makes you feel dead inside, it is time to listen more to your true nature and express it in your daily life.  But if you are rebellious and actively de-conditioning yourself from mainstream thought, security might come from becoming a rebel or a whistle blower in society.  Regardless of where you are at in the process, true security comes when you find a way to still honor your obligations to society while being true to yourself, too.  

Balsamic Phase  315º to 365º  Yin

Keywords are culmination and completionYou might feel a sense that you are finishing a cycle in this lifetime and that something new lies just ahead.  There is much unfinished business to be completed, which can give your life a hectic pace.  You might feel emotionally weary due to a problem or situation that keeps repeating in your life.  This is a sign that old unconscious habit patterns need to be dropped before you can end the old cycle and move on.  You might require a lot of time for retreat and reflection, so the self-isolating feature of the pandemic might actually provide you with a sense of security.  (However, if you are at home with a lot of family members, this could seem extra stressful for you.  Security might come from carving out chunks of time for true solitude.)  If you are self-isolating at home, part of you might secretly wish that you could do this forever.  Retreat and reflection might become escapism from life in general.  For true security to grow, you need to remember to come out of your hibernation now and then to participate fully in the world again.

"Coping With Pandemic Anxiety: How to Find a Sense of Security using your Natal Moon" Wondering how to find relief from the anxieties caused by the pandemic? Your natal Moon has some answers. To find out how to feel more secure in tough times, click through to read the article now.

So what does your own natal Moon need from you in order to feel secure?  What do you find helps you cope during the pandemic?   Leave a comment below so that others can benefit from your experience.

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