Wisdom from the Desert Fathers: Transiting Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn in Hard Aspect to Your Natal Planets

This article will examine the hard aspects between transiting Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn and planets in the natal chart.  Do you have your natal Sun, Moon or an inner planet in a Cardinal sign? (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn?)   Then this article is for you.  It is especially for those who have cardinal planets placed between 19 to 23 degrees, because you are at the height of the Saturn/Pluto transit now.  This article will also be useful for people who have planets placed between 24 to 29 degrees of a Cardinal sign, because you will be undergoing the height of this transit soon.  As for those of you who have already finished these transits, this article might help make sense of what happened to you in the past few years. 

In particular, I will interpret the aspects using the context of the eight planetary phases used in Evolutionary Astrology (Jeffrey Wolf Green method).  But first, here is a reminder of what to generally expect with hard aspects between transiting Pluto/Saturn and natal planets.

1)  Metamorphosis:  Pluto in Capricorn in Hard Aspect to Natal Planets

Pluto in Capricorn currently hits cardinal planets by conjunction or hard aspect (square or opposition). Regardless of what natal planets are being targeted, there will be some common themes of these hard aspects:

Complete Transformation

Pluto, the planet of soul evolution, does not kid around when it comes to making changes in your life.  Pluto transits bring slow, steady, powerful change.  The process feels kind of like getting run over by a tank in slow motion.  For years.  Resisting the change is no more an option than resisting a tank; the transformation is inevitable.  And these are not superficial changes either, but bone-deep ones.  As a result, when the transit finally hits its exact degree, you might feel like a completely different person than you were just a few years prior.  These changes are being orchestrated by your own soul, so you can trust the process, even if it feels harrowing at times. 

There might not be a lot of support happening for you while you go through these transitions.  In fact, hostility from others might be the catalyst that triggers much of the change.  Your reaction to pressure and stress sets off a series of events or insights that lead to your complete metamorphosis and leaves you in a higher state of evolution than before.

Over the years as the Pluto transit gains in strength, if you do not take the initiative to make the necessary changes in your life, life will make that change for you.  If you do not rid your life of obsolete things that no longer serve your soul’s purpose, the cosmos has no choice but to step in and do it for you so that you remain on your true path.  

Power Struggles with Conventional Authority Figures

Capricorn represents convention and authority figures, while hard aspects with Pluto represent power struggles, so during this transit, you will likely experience conflict with elders or authority figures in your life.  Conservative people might try to pressure you to change who you are in order to conform to their way of doing things.

You might become embroiled in a power struggle which you have no chance of winning.  And you might feel powerless against outside forces you cannot control.  If you no longer fit in with the traditional way of doing things, authority figures might bounce you out of their circle.  Issues of power, control, loss, abandonment and betrayal might arise. 

However, looking back, most people come to realize that with time, after the dust cleared, these difficult changes left you in a better place than you were in before.  So if you end up in loggerheads now with someone, instead of throwing yourself into a pitched battle that you have no hope of winning, maybe it is a sign that you need to gracefully bow out and move on.  Of course, do not be a door mat to abuse.  You might have to fight in order to defend yourself.  But also know when it is time to walk away.

Loss, Death and Rebirth (Both Metaphorical and Literal)

While the changes that are happening to you are positive in the long run, they don’t come without a cost.  You might lose some things along the way.  Pluto as the modern ruler of death and rebirth will see to that.  People might disappear from your life.  Or something that was a key prop to your old sense of self might just up and leave.  In many cases, it might be a job that bites the dust.  In the past few years, I have watched three people with transiting Pluto in hard aspect to their natal or progressed Suns get fired.  And in one case, the same client got fired twice in a row.  From two different jobs.   

The very fact that these jobs or people or things are being removed from your life means that they are no longer conducive to your evolutionary path.  And that is okay.  Life constantly realigns itself as we grow and evolve.  You might really miss the old people, old job or other things from the past, but if you are being honest with yourself, you will realize that you are also feeling a lot more free and are carrying a lot less baggage.  As a result, you might be feeling stronger than you have felt in a long time. 

2) Walking the Desert Path:  Saturn in Capricorn in Hard Aspect to Natal Planets

So Pluto mowed you down, and yet you got up again and resurrected yourself into a new person.  Yay!  But just as you are getting ready to join the land of the living once again…Boom.  Saturn enters the picture.  Just as you managed to claw your way back from Pluto’s underworld to the surface again, now comes Saturn to give you one last kick in the pants.  After years of a long hard Pluto transit, Saturn feels like it just adds insult to injury. 

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn in hard aspect to natal luminaries or inner planets can feel like getting lost in a foreign desert for a year or so.  You are not familiar with the terrain, which suddenly seems harsh and hostile.  You realize that survival is going to take a lot of hard work.  Your journey will require that you develop fortitude born from self-discipline and deprivation.  It is a lonely, difficult and tedious journey, devoid of outside support or comfort.  And if you didn’t know better you might sometimes think that the main purpose of the environment was to finish you off completely. 

For example, having gone through a major transformation thanks to Pluto, you might be eager to join the world again as your brand new self…only to quickly discover that nobody seems to particularly like this new self!  In fact, people seem to be coming out of the woodwork to criticize you, nit-pick, or give you a hard time.  And during the times when you aren’t being actively attacked, you might just be ignored or overlooked.  Love, support and recognition seem to dry up.  Whatever goals you try to implement hit the wall with endless obstacles and delays.  Life feels lonely, gray and joyless–a complete grind that seems to never end.  You might even wonder what was the point of having gone through all those hard won Plutonic changes only to be left out in the cold now?

Don’t panic.  It is a test.  From old man Saturn.  A temporary hurdle to see how strong you are in your new state of being. 

Saturn’s gift is one of creating fortitude.  When he shows up to test you, he asks only one thing:  “How badly do you want your present goal?”

Then he proceeds to give you all kinds of obstacles to see if you are ready to put your money where your mouth is.  If you are really committed to your goal, you will not give up.  You will do the hard work required and tackle any obstacle, no matter what.  But if your commitment is only half baked, Saturn’s obstacles might cause you to lose interest in your plans and wander off in search of something more fulfilling.  In both cases, it is a win, from the soul’s point of view.

Saturn’s test continues until it finishes its hard aspect to your natal planet and moves out of orb, thus completing the process that Pluto started many years ago.  They are working as a tag team here, for your benefit.

Until Saturn moves on, you can expect a lot of rigid, Saturnian people calling you out for not being “Saturn” enough.  You might get a lot of people coming at you with seemingly no sense of humor, no sensitivity or no imagination.  They might accuse you of not working hard enough, or that you are not wealthy enough.  They might tell you that you are not logical or smart enough.  Or they might call you too emotional, too intuitive, or too woo-woo or whatever it is that they don’t resonate with and don’t understand.  Some will come at you arguing black is white and white is black, just because they want to argue with you.  They might call you egotistical, immature, irresponsible, or naive.  In short, they just don’t like how you are playing your particular Cardinal planet.  And they are all about the cold hard smack down, which says a lot more about them than it does about you.

Remember as you plod through this desert of dissing, that YOU get to decide whether or not to believe all this criticism.  If these nay-sayers truly have a good point, then listen to them and take their advice to heart.  Saturn is the lord of karma, after all.  So sometimes negative karma comes home to roost during hard Saturn transits and we get called out on our lousy behavior.  But more often than not, the criticism hurled at you now will be unfounded.  You are being faced with adversity to see how committed (Saturn) you are to your new (Pluto) state of being (natal planet).  If you pass this last Saturn test, your new sense of self is going to become a solid new foundation from which you can build on in the future, especially when transiting Jupiter enters Capricorn and comes along to aspect your same natal planets beginning around December of 2019. 

Negative Attitude

When Saturn and Pluto are in hard aspect to your natal planets and you are being plagued by conflict, part of the problem might be your own attitude.  A negative attitude tends to slowly creep in with these transits–so slowly you might not even notice it.  You might be feeling pessimistic, paranoid, hostile, critical or angry a lot of the time, which tends to emanate out from you in waves.  You might be completely unaware of it.  But people around you are quick to sense it now, even if you don’t say anything out loud, and they will return this negativity back to you.  So before you accuse someone else of being controlling, hostile or critical, check your own attitude first to make sure it isn’t just your own vibes bouncing back at you.   

3) Planetary Phases between Saturn/Pluto and Cardinal Planets

Evolutionary Astrology relies on phases to interpret natal aspects and transits.  There are eight different phases, each symbolizing a different stage of evolutionary growth in a 360 degree cycle.  (See Figure 1 below).   These phases give us more information about how the hard aspects will play out between Saturn/Pluto and our natal planets. 

Figure 1. Planetary Phases and their Keywords
Here is a breakdown of the phases for each Cardinal sign to help you navigate your way through the hard aspects coming from Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn.  Don’t forget that babies being born right now will have the themes of these phases guiding their entire lives!

Natal Planets in Libra

Planets in Libra are undergoing squares to Saturn/Pluto, either in the applying crescent phase or the separating first quarter phase. 

In Evolutionary Astrology, the applying crescent phase square is a time of tense internal struggle.  During this yin phase, it is necessary to periodically retreat from the world in order so you can begin to focus on following a single path in life.  Meanwhile, the first quarter square is a yang phase which is characterized by a crisis of action.  The first quarter square pushes you back out into the world again to take action on what you learned during the crescent phase and test out your new path in concrete ways. 

The crescent phase square sets up a stressful push-pull situation between wanting to take action on something new, yet at the same time wanting to retreat into the past where things are familiar and do not require any action. (1)  The theme of this push-pull situation depends on the house position of the Libra planets but will also include the theme of relationships and the desire to make relationships more fair or equal.

The crescent phase is a time when certain choices must be made.  We can’t follow every path in life–we have to eventually follow one path.  And the first quarter square forces us to take action and implement that choice in our daily lives.  But even at the best of times, Libran planets tend to agonize over choices and decisions, fearing they will make the “wrong” decision or will cause conflict with someone.  As a result, much of the struggle of the crescent phase square comes from an endless weighing of the pros and cons of which path to choose.  Meanwhile, the struggle of the first quarter square comes from trying to take action to get what you need while still avoiding conflict with others and keeping the peace. 

If you have the Sun, Moon or an inner planet in Libra, your worst enemy right now might be yourself and your desire to always create harmony with others.  But conflict is inevitable now–it is the very nature of this transit.  So will you cave in from inner pressure and the habit to “always be nice?”  Or will you be willing to endure the stress of conflict in order to stay true to your own values, even if it means you end up temporarily alone or disliked?   Choose your own path now.  If others can’t live with that, then Pluto will push them out of your life, and really, you will be all the better for it.  

Natal Planets in Cancer 

Planets in Cancer currently are opposing Saturn/Pluto within an applying gibbous phase aspect which relates to humbling self-analysis or the separating full phase aspect, which relates to meaning and completion.  

While Libras might be struggling to resist caving in to internal pressure, Cancer’s biggest challenge now comes from external pressure, from other people or outside circumstances.  You are being forced to become aware of the beliefs, values, attitudes and needs of other people now. 

It might seem like people are always in your face these days, challenging you.  And it might feel like there is no escaping these confrontations.  Your task is to learn to interact with others in a way that is true to yourself, but still serves the need of others.  While this balance is being sought, you might swing back and forth from periods of extreme social activity to periods of complete withdrawal and isolation.  The isolation will be needed in order to sort out all the different opinions and perspectives you encountered while you were in social mode. (2)  If your self identity is still new, having recently been pulzerized by Pluto, it might feel bewildering when tons of people are challenging you from vantage points so different than your own.

During the applying gibbous phase opposition, you might struggle with low self-esteem.  You might be comparing yourself to others and feeling like you come up short.  You even might start copying other people and abandoning who you really are.  You might be bumping into a lot of Capricorn types who at first glance seem more mature, more wealthy, or more successful than you are, which can make you feel insecure.  Your job is to become aware of these people, learn how they think, learn how they achieve success  and yet stay on your own path.  You are not meant to be them, you are meant to learn from them.  

Society and its rules, conventions and social structure have much to teach you now–especially about how you can become successful in the world and win the approval of your peers.  Relationships of all kinds are the teaching tools.  Even the conflicts will teach you now, because if you are butting heads with some awful people, they are, in fact, teaching you how you don’t want to be.

You will not be successful until you learn to give other people what they want now or until you learn to provide society with something that is useful.  It’s all about learning to fit in with the world.  But don’t forget that on the road to success, it is vital that you find a way to fit in without completely losing yourself or your ethics in the process.  

Natal Planets in Aries 

Like Libra planets, Aries planets will also be experiencing a square to Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn.  However, the nature of the Aries squares will be different because they reside within different phases.  Aries planets will experience an applying disseminating square which relates to socialization,  and then a separating last quarter square which relates to a crisis of consciousness or belief. 

These transits involve an evolutionary lesson that is the opposite of the ones that Cancers are currently wrestling with.  While Cancers are busy learning how to win approval from society and how to fit in with others, Aries planets are realizing that they no longer want approval from society.  They are struggling to learn how to un-do all their previous social conditioning.  Aries planets are becoming aware of how their own individual natures are clashing with societal norms and rules.  They have had enough of “fitting in with society” and are ready to follow their own inner nature now.  This involves a crisis of moving into new territory.  Happily, Aries are pretty good at setting off on adventures into the unknown.  Their natural courage and sense of adventure helps them along. 

Aries, you are probably discovering that you just can’t go along with the crowd anymore.  You might find that it doesn’t work for you, no matter how hard you try.  As a result, you are going through a process of de-socialization where you must challenge the cultural norms and beliefs of society in favor of listening to your own inner voice.  This can land you in a temporary place of alienation.

If you don’t believe in society anymore, then what do you believe in?  Along with a crisis in consciousness, the last quarter square creates a crisis of lifestyle and identity, too, since those things are built upon the personal belief systems we carry.  Faced with these crises, the temptation is to go back to the old system, where things were familiar and comfortable. (3)  But due to evolutionary necessity, this cannot be sustained.  Movement forward must continue–even if it flies in the face of convention.  

Natal Planets in Capricorn 

Those with natal Capricorn planets will be going through significant endings and new beginnings as Pluto and Saturn slowly travel from a balsamic conjunction (culmination) to a new phase conjunction (the start of a new cycle of evolution.)    

During the applying balsamic conjunction, lessons you began learning a few years ago might come together in order to get fully digested now.  As a result, you might need more time to retreat from the world in order to think and ponder.  But despite this desire for pause and reflection, it is not a quiet or peaceful time.  Because a cycle is ending, you will have to address any unfinished business, incomplete psychological patterns or spiritual stages of development. (4)  Pluto’s south node is currently in Capricorn, signifying that you are in a hurry to complete things because you need to let them go.  These include things that humanity as a whole is in the process of letting go of, such as conventional ways of doing business, politics, religion or social relationships.  Anything that is based upon old-fashioned, outdated or patriarchal attitudes that are harmful has to go.  Consequently, life speeds up in a frenzied sort of way for a number of years.  

Because a lot of relationship karma might still need to be addressed, you might be meeting swarms of people, or re-connecting with people that you once knew long ago (or even in a past life).  In other areas of your life, you might feel that much needs to be done in a short period of time.  You might sense a strange urgency, like a deadline is hanging over your life.  You might have no clue about what this impending deadline is about, only that you have to get important things done before it happens.  

The amount of work you feel compelled to do might triple compared to other times in your life.  Or it might feel like your responsibilities multiply, along with your obstacles.  Happily, however, when Pluto and Saturn finally conjoin your Capricorn planet and then begin to separate from it, the new phase conjunction begins which relates to the beginning of a new evolutionary cycle.   That is the time for reaching out to explore new terrain.  Life returns to a normal pace again.  The sense of a looming deadline disappears and you feel more free and able to strike out in new directions, ones that are more compatible with who you really are.  You will react to the world in a way that is more instinctual than usual and you will feel an odd compulsion to try out new things or just “wing it” more instead of always being so concerned with having a solid plan or strict goal.  As a result, life might begin to feel more fun, creative and exciting than it has in years.

4)  The Saturn/Pluto Conjunction and the Sermons of the Desert Fathers

While Saturn and Pluto are in hard aspect to your natal planets, it might feel incredibly difficult due to the constant challenges, criticism, loneliness and lack of support.  You might be working your butt off on a job, on a relationship or on your self, and receiving zero rewards or recognition for it.  And it might seem like this has been going on for years.  But take heart.  It is temporary.  The adversity is forging you into a much stronger person.

Without the relentless challenges, you would not get the opportunity to strengthen your new sense of self, which is going to be SOLID by the time these transits are done.  And with this new sense of self, you will really be able to take off and fly.  You will have more confidence and will be able to accomplish a lot more.  And when you really know who you are and what you are all about, life’s inevitable challenges won’t feel quite so earth shattering whenever they occur.   

The lessons taught by Saturn/Pluto hard aspects remind me of a story I once read by the Desert Fathers. The Desert Fathers were early Christian monks who lived in the Scetes desert of Egypt during the third century CE.  Their sermons are brief yet profound stories meant to instruct.  One particular story stands out in my mind that seems to really capture the essence of Saturn/Pluto hard aspects.  It is attributed to Abba John, and it goes like this:

“There were three philosophers who were friends. The first died and left his son to the care of one of the others. When he grew up he had intercourse with the wife of his guardian, who found them out and turned the boy out of doors. Although the young man came and asked his guardian to forgive him, he would not receive him, but said, ‘Go and work for three years as a ferryman and I will forgive you.’

After three years the young man came to him again, and this time he said, ‘You still have not done penance; go and work for three more years, and give away all you earn, bearing all insults.’ So he did this, and then his guardian said to him, ‘Now go to Athens and learn philosophy.’

There was an old man who sat at the philosophers’ gate and he used to insult everyone who entered it. When he insulted this young man, the boy began to laugh, and the old man said, ‘Why are you laughing, when I have insulted you?’

He told him, ‘Would you not expect me to laugh? For three years I have paid to be insulted and now I am insulted free of charge. That is why I laughed.’

Abba John said, ‘The gate of the Lord is like that, and we Fathers go through many insults in order to enter joyfully into the city of God.’ “

Get it?  After this Saturn/Pluto transit clears and life reverts back to baseline “normal,” life can’t help but feel easier.  Things that used to upset you or challenge you now appear laughable, not only because Saturn/Pluto helped you develop a thicker skin, but because they also gave you a complete change of perspective.  The result is that you gained a sense of tremendous strength, joy and freedom–one that comes from within and is not reliant on outside people or circumstances anymore.  And THAT is something really worth all the struggle it took to get.

So the next time that the small-minded critics, the haters or the authority figures creep out of the woodwork to take a swing at you, remember to laugh, because it is just Saturn and Pluto, disguised as trolls, helping you find freedom.  Like the young man says in the sermon, on the bright side, at least you don’t have to pay money anymore to every jerk who shows up to insult you.

How has the Saturn/Pluto transit been treating your cardinal planets?  Let us know in the comment section below.  Your experiences can help others who are still struggling with these transits.

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32 thoughts on “Wisdom from the Desert Fathers: Transiting Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn in Hard Aspect to Your Natal Planets

  1. I have natal Moon in Aries 11th, Venus in Libra 5th, Capricorn NN, Neptune, Uranus 8th. Forming a t-square. So Pluto and Saturn (still) was transiting this part of my chart. How it went?
    I had no friends. I had come to motherhood and was absolutely alone. My old friends gone. Multiple surgeries, sickness, not much money, death, divorce, all in past years.
    But i hav3 found astrology, also a job that i am in love, started doing my own thing at arts and trying to publish a lot and make a living. I am happy that i have my arms and legs and my daughter and we are now staring to get better. Some old friends came back and gave me this opportunity to be myself. The more i became myself the more toxic people where attacking me and critisizing. But i just checked them out of my life. It does not work anymore.
    Part about deadline is huge now. I don’t know what it is but i am feelling it intensly. It is like the world is going to end soon and i need to test a lot of stuff and make things work. Earn money, meet people, be sufficient, get rid of bad habbits. Hopping when saturn leaves the orb and the party goes to my 9th house things will get better. Maybe i’ll travel for the first time in my life.


    1. Wow! What an incredible load you had to deal with! Thank-you for sharing this. So many people have been going through major overhauls similar to this. Your story helps them know they are not the only ones who have to negotiate these challenging energies. And that things do come out better in the end. It sounds like the worst is behind you now. And I hope you will get to go traveling in the future!


  2. Wow! This is one of the best descriptions I’ve read on pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. I have a lot going on at the 23rd degree of the cardinal signs. Asc cancer, venus cap, Jupiter cap, Uranus libra are all at 23.

    Things are intense and challenging with nearly all aspects of my life. Close relationships, work, friendships, children, family. I feel the transformation happening. So far I’ve changed my diet, my exercise routine, I have a new therapist, I’m on the brink of taking new directions with work, my marriage is coming to an end, I’m listening to Tony Robbins a lot. Things are shifting big time.


  3. My horoscope rising on my chart is 16 ° Capricorn, Sun 22 ° 30 “Capricorn, Saturn 27 ° Capricorn and north moon knot 28 ° Capricorn. My mother, me and my brother continued to live with my aunt and grandmother, my father was irresponsible and gambling addicted, I was afraid to resemble him all my life. But I didn’t realize that I was impressed until my college years, and after I started studying at a law school in my father’s city, the problems began to come to light. diagnose this After I started living with my father, I witnessed him never change and that he was the same irresponsible person. Living with her soon became tormenting. Now 2019 and 10 years have passed, my father decided to leave because my father continued the same irresponsibility and he left home. During Pluto’s 12th house transition (also Uranus 10 °, Neptune 10 ° Capricorn, Mercury 29 ° Sagittarus in 12th) I became acquainted with astrology and became interested. When Saturn was in the twelfth house, my spiritual and psychological processes began to emerge. After these planets came home, my father left. I took my friends out of my life who I thought were hurting me. I’ve been physically changed and my face has matured in a short time. I’m getting my license to be a lawyer in September. But for various reasons I don’t have enough experience. I need to get into business as soon as I can, but I have not yet recovered. Naturally, it is understood that I have problems of self-confidence in job interviews and I have no experience. I know that I will end these processes as a more powerful and complete one, but sometimes I can’t get over it without complaining. Sorry for not enough English. Good work.


    1. Whenever the Rising Sign is involved with Sat/Pluto, the death/rebirth process is heightened even more. It can take a long time to sort out. Don’t be too hard on yourself. And Saturn will be transiting your first house for another year or two still. The structure of your personality is still changing. It is a process. But Saturn rewards hard work so you will achieve your goals eventually. Just don’t give up!


  4. Sat in Cap, 1st house here. Business suffered terribly w/having to care for partner w/back injuries. Ignoring harassment from insane neighbor for 1.5 yrs, no time for stupidity while selling off possessions to stay solvent. Maniac files false charges against us, liquidated tiny savings to buy atty, trial is end of this month. No friends, no family, no help. Antagonistic landlord, bad judges bought maniacs lying histrionics, business on life support. So lonely for friends, things I used to do, when my partner & I can spend ‘down time’, I involuntarily cry. Now the one decent neighbor is leaving, and I fear we’ll get yet another disgusting junkie. I’m old and tired, no safety net.


    1. I am so sorry to hear this! It sounds so traumatizing. Tears are our only release valve sometimes. They cleanse the eyes and the spirit a bit. I hope your new neighbor will turn out better than your current one.


  5. Hi. First, I want to apologize for my english. I am Brazilian, and my english is not so good. I have to say that I am kind impress with your words. Since last year, I am facing some problems with my health. I did many surgeries in my right kidney. They helped me a lot, but I knew it that I would have to do one more (a little bit harder). And I did recently… But in the meantime my apartment got fire. It was horrible. I really loved my place. I had to move (because I had to do my surgery and I need a place to stay and recover, and my place was a total mess). And in this whole process, I have discovered so many awful things about the place that I used to live. I had to let it go from my apartment. Now I am renting it, and I intent to sale it. I never thought that I would to move like this. In fact, I didn’t want to move, because I really liked the place… And now, everything changed so fast (this happened 2 months ago)… I am trying to deal with my bills and my health… and it is not easy at all… but I feel deep inside this is something to help me, to change me… Since last year I feel this, but it is so hard… My placements are: Sun 9º Capri 11th house; Mercury 21º Capri 11th house; Mars 6º Libra 8th house | Saturn 21º Libra 8th house | Pluto 26º Libra 8th House… And I know that this placement is important: Venus 8º Aqua 12th house… I guess it helped me to be more detached… rsrs Thanks for your text. It was very good to me. Namaste!


    1. Hi Paola–your English was fine! Thank-you so much for sharing your experiences. What difficult losses to endure. I am impressed that you went through all this and still feel that the changes are trying to help you in some way. That is what I have witnessed over and over again with these transits. The universe will take away what is not serving our true path. The experience can feel devastating, but we can trust the process.


  6. I don’t know if I understand it well. I have Venus in 18 degrees of Cancer in 4th to 5th house and have had both Saturn and Pluto coming up, retrograding and coming forth again to oppose Venus. In the beginnings of this transits last year, my father died and since this, some hidden truths have come up to disturb me and I sort of realized that I was deluded about my place in family. Since then, the widow of my father has revealed a secret hate for me and has being trying by all means to keep me alienated even from heritage he had left. I feel ultimately loved by my father very much, still I am relying absolutely only on my feelings to confirm that for myself, because the widow tries to make it look differently, as if I was some kind of alien to the family. It has been tough for me but I felt that it was the right thing to take this problem to the law and stand up for myself. It has been a long process but I feel optimistic about it, specially because I feel like having nothing else to lose, and still been trying to live a happy life with my own family.


    1. Thank-you for sharing your story here. It is so humbling to hear everybody’s experiences with these very tough transits and it is also awe-inspiring. I hope that other people reading your story will take heart because despite everything you have been through, you are still feeling a sense of optimism about it. That’s Pluto evolution–even though it is so hard, we just feel that it is the right thing to be doing.


  7. This was the best writing on these transits I have ever found!
    The only insight that has given me a perspective that I can truly cling to!
    My Aries/libra Nodal axis at 22 has been pounded
    My mars/Venus/eris conj at 14 Aries has been pounded
    I am starting to see the benefit and I am starting to feel the break through
    Thank you!


    1. So glad you are starting to see the benefit and breakthrough! These transits in hard aspect can be brutal but in hindsight we often see that they did a lot of good work, too! Keep going! You are almost done!


  8. This is so helpful! Thank you for providing a roadmap to understand these murky waters. Pluto and Saturn are squaring my Sun at 23 libra in the 9th house. Capricorn rising at 6. My North Node is at 21 Capricorn. Jupiter’s conjunct my ascendent by transit and natally. Uranus is trine my ascendent in transit. Wondering how those last two will play a role in this all? Feel as if I’m on the brink of a big change in all aspects of life. Power struggles for sure. I also natally have Sun trine Saturn and hoping that helps with this square.
    Appreciate your guidance on weathering the storm:-)


    1. Glad that you find the article helpful! With Uranus trining your AC and Jupiter(s) some of the current changes taking place now will happen suddenly and of their own accord. Or you can help the process by taking swift action to make some positive changes. Good luck!


  9. I found this brilliant article on the exact day of the transit to my 22 degree Cap Asc. Strangely I thought I had read everything on Saturn/Pluto. I searched everywhere, and watched every video on the tube. All fell short, until I read this.

    At times, as I slowly read this? I thought I was having a break from reality, due to it’s accuracy. Finally someone really understood what this is like. Wandering in a desert, alone. It’s scary. It’s long and arduous. Thanks for “getting it”.

    Long story short. Yes, it’s been purgatory on Earth and with me personally, but I feel tough and ready to do “something” without caring about the peanut gallery and their opinions.

    I predict one thing with certainty! A consultation with Kismet. Let’s figure out what I can do with all this energy and solid faith in Astrology!

    A truly mind blowing article that kept me up way past bedtime. I will sleep well knowing I’m not completely alone, and that all things eventually pass.

    Thank you


    1. Thank-you for taking the tine to post, Bruce. I am really glad you found the article useful. And yes, you are right — you are definitely not alone. If you read some of the comments that people have left on this article you will see what good company you are in. Everyone’s stories are totally heartbreaking and totally inspiring all at the same time. Saturn crossing the AC is a tough gig all by itself, never mind with Pluto there, too. As Saturn moves through your first house over the next year, that dessert feeling might linger. You will need some time to adjust to your new circumstances. But hang in there. The dessert will end eventually. The landscape will change. .


  10. After reading your articles about Pluto, I thought you may be interested in a challenge covering a topic that affects the whole world.

    Many octogenarians over the next 18 years will have transiting Pluto opposing their natal Pluto.

    The shortest opposition takes only about 84 years for those born between 1940 to 1950 when their opposition transit hits in the years 2024 to 2034.

    What is the significance of this for society in general in that these transits will affect all of my generation all around the world. All this along with a USA Pluto return starting February 21. 2022; triple pass ending in December 2022.

    My 3rd house Pluto in Cancer is at 29 degrees 4 minutes.


  11. Great article and one that I can relate to (Libra rising – Capricorn in 4th). In 2008, Pluto entered my 4th house – just as I was buying a house. In 2012 my mother passed away, I was made redundant and have struggled with my career ever since (see below). In 2016, with Pluto exact my IC, relationships fell apart including a difficult one with my step-father.

    Saturn entered my 4th in Dec 2017, and then rolled back and forth over my IC. As if this wasn’t enough, Saturn will be in opposition to my 10th Progressed Moon Dec 2017 – Mar 2020 (‘Moon chasing Saturn’ phenomena). This followed Saturn’s transit through the 1st – 3rd houses (vocational obscurity).

    The great Pluto / Saturn conjunction in Jan 2020 was Square natal Uranus in my 1st. The good news is that as I write Jupiter is a few degrees from my IC and will be heading towards the area of my chart where Pluto / Saturn are currently transiting. Also, Saturn is in close Orb to my natal Jupiter (symbolic of a change of state) and I have a Jupiter return in the 4th in Dec 2020. Jupiter will of course develop a Square with my natal Uranus. My situation got so intense, I arranged a consultation with the great Robert Hand to understand what was happening to me……!!


      1. Yes….it is full on. I forgot to say the Progressed Moon in my 10th is a First Quarter (crisis in action). Reading back over your article, I realised that I also have transiting Pluto square my Progressed Sun in Aries in my 7th. In a nutshell, Robert said there is too much going on in my 4th (squares, oppositions etc.) and Saturn needs to clear this first…..


  12. Your article on Saturn-Pluto really hits the spot! I trembled last year when I saw that my Solar return chart had a real punch in the gut in store for me, with Saturn exactly opposed to my birth Sun degree at 17 degrees Cancer. I perceived it as nothing less than a black hole, and it turned out to be exactly that. I seemed to completely lose myself, walking right into a medical situation that was not good for me at all. I paid $700 for orthotics and consultations, only to be have been injured by them with a painful 5 month long leg muscle trauma. I actually PAID to be injured!

     Just like the fellow who paid to be insulted, I felt insulted, too. I am very grateful to hear this parable. I don't believe anyone can ever insult me as much as I insulted myself, and it is a great relief to me to be able to finally laugh about it. Previously, I believed that nothing like this could ever happen to me, that I was impervious to such an appalling mess. But Saturn - Pluto doesn't fluff us, and isn't meant to - it's meant to toughen us up for whatever life will dish out, and I'm grateful for the hard lessons. Saturn stripped me of a narcissistic pride that had caused me to create this incident. But that's a long story I don't want to bother you with.


    1. The resemblance to the parable is striking! So sorry to hear you had to endure this. Yes, Sun/Saturn transits can be super tough on our ego and pride. And Pluto can make this experience somewhat dire. Thankfully, Saturn moves fairly quickly and is done with his job in a year or so, and then things get more normal, although minus any hubris we might have collected before the transit. Pluto, however, is much slower and will linger around longer to make sure we don’t forget the things we learned. His job is to make sure we really are changed by the experience, and that we now approach life with a deeper perspective. I wish you well in your physical recovery!


  13. Hi I had Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn exactly conjunct my Uranus in 22 Capricorn (5th house), square Sun in 21 Aries (9th house) and opposite Mars in 22 Cancer (11th house). How would you interpret this? These have been the most profound years I have lived through and I am still trying to grasp all that has happened. Interestingly, at the beginning of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction back in March 2019 I saw a very vivid dream that I was only able to interpret many months later and allowed me to find meaning in all the chaos around me. Still trying my best. I just wanted to ask when pluto returns to 22 degrees again Sep – Nov 2020 will it be as difficult as all of last year or should i expect a resolution of all the issues that began early last year?


  14. In my experience, aspects made by transiting retrograde planets are experienced differently by each person. Some people sail through them, others, not so much. With Pluto, it really depends on how much evolutionary work was accomplished in the years leading up to the first (exact) hit. Pluto moves very slowly, so in some cases, the bulk of the evolution occurs long before the exact aspect happens. If that was the case, then the 2nd (retrograde) hit is not usually experienced as a big deal.. But it depends on how you handled the first hit and years prior to the first hit.. Regardless, a retrograde hit from Pluto is often experienced as a time when you internalize the evolutionary lessons you experienced during the first hit. It might be a time of inner reflection where you deepen your understanding of the whole experience. Old issues that first arose during the first (direct) hit at 22 degrees might surface again, asking you to resolve the situation at a deeper level. With retrograde transits, the process is often more internal (as opposed to experiencing an external event in your life). Material from deep within your psyche might surface where you can look at it more easily and try to heal or transform it. Good luck in September 🙂


  15. Well, Saturn has been dancing on my IC last months and Pluto is also there and I’m dying. Aries sun 23 deg, Libra asc, SN Capricorn 17 deg. Great txt about it, I laughed at joke story, but the thing is, Uranus ripped me apart already, taking everything but brought freedom. I don’t know how much more freedom do I need, it’s pretty lonely here and the money isn’t somethinhg 🙂 I know Pluto means transformation a.k.a. death and rebirth, but sometimes I think I can’t take it anymore. This life is one painful long, sometimes interwind with some party, but it’s so hard. And lonely.


  16. Yes, Pluto evolution can be lonely. Soul evolution is a solitary business. It’s that way for good reason (to block out all the noise from other people and the outer world so you don’t get distracted and lead off path). But that doesn’t mean you can’t have support along the way and people to witness what you are going through. Eg. counselors, therapists, astrologers, spiritual advisors etc.). I promise you that all transits do eventually end. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, each day. Eventually, that desert scenery shifts a bit as time passes, and you cross into greener areas. You just need to do your best and keep going.


  17. This was too good to leave without appreciation. Great article. I have 11º Uranus, 15º Neptune, 26º mercury, 27º NN and 29º Saturn all in 2nd house capricorn. it was my first saturn return. Lost jobs, lost friends(toxic though), lost my voice( moon in libra 11th house, friends treated me like a doormat, i was too nice to raise my voice). severe debts, homeless pennyless and still unstable. I was relieved with my saturn out of orb. But still dreading pluto over my mercury currently and conjunct saturn for next couple years. my natal pluto in 12th house is square my natal sun.


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