Some Ramblings During a Taurus New Moon: The Gift of Taurus Season

As I write this, the Sun and Moon are getting ready to meet together, starting a brand new Moon cycle.  The pair are in a sextile to Neptune and a wide trine to Saturn, Pluto, the lunar south node and Pluto’s south node.  While this goes on, my thoughts are turning toward the gift that is Taurus Season.

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign–it pertains to the physical body and Mother Earth and the connection between them.   We experience this connection via our 5 senses:  touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.  (And yes, the more sensitive individuals among us are connected to the Earth via senses beyond these 5 but that is not what Taurus season is about.)  Taurus season is about the physical dimension and material existence.  Plus all the beauty that entails, and all the pleasure we get from experiencing it with our 5 senses.

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus.  She is glorified in this earthiest of signs.  Just think about what that means for a second.  The planet typically associated with emotions and feeling is deeply, deeply connected to the physical body. 

Therefore, a very important gift of Taurus season is the opportunity to re-connect with your body again. Not the body that has been conditioned to be addicted to sugar, caffeine, junk food, alcohol, drugs, meaningless sex or physical pain.  But the TRUE body that lies beneath that.  The one that is healthy and whole in its perfection and houses the secrets of healing. 

The wisdom that is waiting for you in your true body is vast. And since it is connected to the Earth’s own wisdom, your body knowledge is what is actually going to heal this planet at this time in history. So to connect to your body wisdom and heal it is one of the most revolutionary things you can do at this time.

However, to consciously access your body wisdom for the first time is not easy. In fact, it is so difficult that it is often the last thing that anybody willingly takes on.  Even the most highly “spiritual” people can have trouble connecting to their bodies. To re-connect to your authentic body takes courage and requires some discomfort at first. We have to face the trauma we have hidden in our bodies and a lifetime of unprocessed emotions we have buried there. We also have to face our conditioned self-hatred and self-judgment plus all the lies our culture has told us about what bodies should be and what they are good for.  And we have to learn the ways in which the body speaks to us–through sensations which are quiet, subtle and can be easily drowned out or overridden by our endless mental chatter.

To access our body wisdom, we also need a body that is fairly healthy so it can channel info to our conscious minds quickly and clearly.   This means we really need to pay attention to what we are eating, drinking, breathing, and doing.  Note that when we take away our junk food, caffeine or other stimulants that our bodies are addicted to, at first we feel deprived and miserable—not only because we have become biologically addicted to these substances, but because now we have to face the emotions and feelings we were were trying to escape from when we reached for these crutches in the first place. 

In modern western society, the average person is bathed in a soup of toxic chemicals from morning to night—it is in the cosmetics, soaps, lotions and shampoos we mindlessly use on our bodies each day.   It is in the air we breathe in our homes (from our so called “cleaning products” and “air fresheners” and “perfumes”).  And it is in the dead, nutrient-deprived, over-processed, pesticide-laden food that we eat all day.  We would rather slowly poison ourselves and the planet than give up these things because to give them up triggers a rapid evolutionary leap in consciousness, which takes work to process and can feel uncomfortable if we resist it.  Basically, it is a royal pain to give up our toxic habits related to our very own bodies– we resist with all our might and usually do not willingly make any changes to our routines until we become ill and are forced to.

But if we choose to make these changes consciously, willingly and en masse, not only would humanity start to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we would also help to ensure a safe planet for the future for our kids and all other species who live here.  And with Uranus currently roaming around in Taurus, we all have extra help to do this now.

So this Taurus season—get out of your head and your mental processes and try to get back to the wisdom of the body. Bring attention to your 5 senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. Engage them mindfully.  If you must have that candy bar or cigarette, then okay, no judgement.  But engage in that activity mindfully with your full attention.  How does it make you feel to consume it?  What does it taste like?  Smell like?  What does it make your body FEEL?  Not only now, but also an hour or two after you have had it?   Are you suddenly feeling tired or grumpy?  Are you craving another hit?  What taste is left in your mouth right now? Are you clenching your jaw or any other part of your body?  Do you have a headache or does your body hurt anywhere?

Do the same thing if you are doing something more healthy like peeling a fresh orange or going for a walk outside.  Don’t just mentally tune out of what you are doing by putting on your ear buds or reaching for your phone–focus on how you sense the experience.  How does it taste?  Smell? Does it look pretty?  Or repulsive?  What sound does it make?  And what kind of physical sensations does the experience bring to your body?  

Some Ramblings During a Taurus New Moon: The Gift of Taurus Season. Musings about accessing our deep inner wisdom by connecting to our physical bodies during Taurus Season. Click through to read the article now.

We can also apply this focus to environments we are in, air that we breathe and people we are near.  How do any of these activities make your body feel physically?  The ancient wisdom is speaking to you all the time.  You just need to pause and listen to it.

Might sound simple, but as a collective, humanity completely sucks at this experiential type of focus.  Which has led us to all kinds of collective problems that are now threatening the Earth itself.  We treat the Earth the same way we treat our own bodies–mindlessly, as garbage receptacles that we would prefer not to think about.   You deserve more than this.  So much more.  And so does the planet.  

The body houses miraculous knowledge about itself and the planet–most of which we cannot access until we clean our bodies out and get more in tune with our physical selves.  Who knows what we will discover when the majority of humanity learns to re-connect with the ancient wisdom housed in their bodies.  So what you can do right now is take a few deep deep breaths, slowly, in and out.  (Don’t just read these words. Do it now.)

Breathe deep once.

Breathe deep twice.

Breathe deep three times.

How do you feel?

That is the gift of Taurus Season.  

Some Ramblings During a Taurus New Moon: The Gift of Taurus Season. Musings about accessing our deep inner wisdom by connecting to our physical bodies during Taurus Season. Click through to read the article now.


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