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“Highly detailed and chillingly accurate. Seriously definitely recommended.” -Kim Knight


“I’ve been consulting with Danielle for several years now. When I was introduced to her by a friend I was no stranger to astrology, so my standards were pretty high. I had a great astrologer in my home country and I thought I would never be able to find anybody like him. Luckily, I was so wrong!!! She’s not only the most accurate (to the dot) astrologer but she doubles as counselor, therapist, friend, name it. I could not be happier with my readings, even when life is not all diamonds, she finds ways of guiding me in the best direction. Thank you very much!!!” -Andrea Vaz


“Danielle went above and beyond with my Natal Chart. I am an intermediate Evolutionary Astrologer and she revealed secrets to my soul that I had not considered prior to our chat. She clearly explained the dynamics as she interpreted them to me and kindly offered suggestions for healing in this lifetime and the next. I would highly recommend her to all those looking for guidance, truth and a seasoned professional.”       -“Aurora The Witch”


“Danielle is a real pro. I’m so glad that I had this oportunity and feel excited about the future.”  -Kathleen See


“Danielle is the most accurate astrologer I’ve ever had. However it doesn’t stop there, she acts as a “counselor of the stars” so to speak, and explain in a spiritual or karmic way the reasons behind your path or destiny. She’s been doing my chart for over 10 years, and has helped me tremendously! If I could give 10 stars I would.”-Claudia Verciani

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