Waiting to Make Your Move: Aries Season March 20 – April 20th 2019

Aries Season!  Woo Hoo!  The time known for fresh starts, exciting adventures, bold moves and fighting for what you want!  Or is it?  This year Aries Season begins in an unusually quiet way–a way that is more passive, reflective, held back and considerate of others, as we wait for the right time to spring forward and make our move.

Aries Season starts at the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2019, when the Sun moves into the fiery and spirited sign of Aries, and the season lasts until April 20th, 2019.  Usually in Aries season, we leap into life like we are being shot out of a cannon.  Spring arrives in the northern hemisphere and we are eager to shake off the cobwebs, get active, pursue our desires, take action and explore new territory. We become full of confidence and optimism, believing we can take on anything and everything.  And we don’t mind competing and fighting in order to put ourselves first.

However, this year, Aries season will have a more cautious or hesitant start, thanks to Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Chiron in Aries.  While we are still full of optimism and feel like we want to move in a new direction, we also feel like something is holding us back, that it is not the right time to strike, and that we have to wait.  

Waiting for the Right Time to Strike

Waiting around is not Aries favorite task. But it would serve you well to cool your heels and not take action on any brand new goals or activities until after March 28th when Mercury goes direct. Even after the 28th, gaining traction and moving forward will be somewhat slow until April 16th. So tune into the rhythms of the universe and try not to force something new to take off if you are sensing a nagging sense of resistance.  You will get your chance to strike.  Just wait until you feel like the wind is at your back.

Instead of gleefully leaping into the unkown in true Aries fashion, we might also be feeling a cautious pinch when the Sun conjuncts Chiron, around March 22nd.  This might make us hesitate for a moment, remembering all the times in the past when we wanted to strike out into something new or fight for something we deserved…and failed.  Or just made fools of ourselves.  However, this is a healing transit, so take some time to re-examine those past events again from the perspective of the present.  You might find some healing clarity in the process and get back to your usual stride after March 22nd.

Creating Win-win Situations for Everyone

Usually during Aries season, we all get more bold — we all become more self-oriented, assertive, ego-centered, competitive and even combative.  But with Venus in Pisces this Aries Season, this hot-headed energy gets cooled off a bit.  Venus enters Pisces on March 26th and resides there throughout Aries Season, during which time it will conjunct Neptune and square Jupiter in Sagittarius.  While the “Me First!” impetus is still there, Venus’ influence will water it down some, so that we have to consider the feelings of everyone else in the collective.  It is like your conscience won’t let you get away with being completely self-absorbed this month.  You might only be able to get what you want if you also make it a win-win situation for everybody else, too.  

Chiron in Aries: Healing our Wounds  2018-2027

Recently, the planetary centaur Chiron entered the sign of Aries, where it will reside until 2027.  Symbolically, Chiron shows where we have been wounded in the past. Chiron indicates where we have suffered trauma or where we wrestle with problems that never seem to heal.  Everyone was born with their own personal Chiron wound, the purpose of which is to create wisdom and compassion out of the struggle for healing.  As Chiron travels through Aries, he will shine the light of healing on our previous wounds regarding:

  • self-identity (who am I?)
  • self-will, assertiveness
  • anger
  • competition
  • conflict with others
  • toxic masculinity and patriarchal society
  • initiating new actions or starting new projects

These themes will require our focus and healing energy until the year 2027.  And these themes are especially relevant now, during the 4 weeks that make up Aries Season.

Waiting to Make Your Move: Aries Season March 20 - April 20th 2019.   Aries Season is usually a time when we become more adventurous, enterprising, brash and feisty.  But this year, Aries Season is more subdued.  To find out how you can still use this new energy to your benefit, click on to read the article.

Were you born between 1968 and 1977?  If so, you were born with Chiron in Aries in your natal chart–you are now beginning to experience the effects of your Chiron Return.  This Aries Season will give you a preview of what to expect when transiting Chiron conjuncts your natal Chiron in the years ahead.  And whether or not you were born with Chiron in Aries, everyone on the planet will now have to deal with the general energy of Chiron in Aries, so keep reading.

Who am I?  Chiron in Aries as an Identity Crisis

Chiron in Aries represents a wounding of the core self– a wounding to the part of you that asserts: “This is ME! And this is what I AM! And this is what I AM ALL ABOUT!”  So when Chiron is in Aries, we might suddenly suffer from an identity crisis. The question “Who am I?” might feel like a confusing question to answer.  It is time to take a look at how we define our selves, and to make some healing changes to the story we tell ourselves about who we really are.  People who struggle with gender identity issues might have a particularly difficult time with this transit, along with anyone who already suffers from a shaky sense of self. 

Healthy Anger and Assertiveness vs. Toxic Anger and Aggression

Chiron in Aries also brings up issues around the healthy expression of self-will, assertiveness, anger, competition, conflict and anger.  When Chiron travels through Aries, we lose our inner sense of when it is appropriate to express these traits, and to what intensity we should express them.  The expression of these traits gets skewed from one extreme to the other–we either under-compensate or over-compensate.   So we might be quiet and meek in a situation when healthy anger is actually called for, or the reverse–we might over-react and go ballistic over something trivial that does not really require such a strong response. 

While Chiron is in Aries, we might totally shun and shy away from being assertive or competitive.  And we might not take action to defend ourselves when we are being attacked.  Or we might do the opposite and turn into raging gladiators over a small slight, lashing out and hurting others unnecessarily.  It is like our inner compass gets broken when it comes to knowing when, where and how much self-will to apply in any given situation.  So we either under-do it or over-do it.  isolated-2530763_1920War and Toxic Masculinity

Having Chiron travel through Aries is of concern when it comes to the state of warfare in the world today.  Currently, the last thing we need is our world leaders over-compensating with brash and unnecessary acts of bravado and violence.

Similarly, for men wrestling with the concept of masculinity and male identity,  this can be an especially tricky time. Chiron in Aries can represent a wounding to the traditional male ego, or the conventional male sense of identity.  When wounded, the male identity can over-react with aggression, anger and competition which can easily tip over into toxic masculinity that becomes destructive to both the individual and everyone around him.  From now until 2027, we will likely bear witness to the collective struggles of men as they work to heal the trauma that patriarchal society has inflicted upon them.  We will likely see some interesting themes develop as society attempts to re-define masculinity in a way that is healthier for men and the planet as a whole.  And even if you do not identify as male, we all have a “masculine” side to our personality that has been affected by traditional values and social conditioning (everyone has Aries occupying a house in your personal birthchart).  So nobody is exempt from having to go through this redefinition of traditional masculinity, at a personal level and at the societal level.

How do we Heal our Chiron Wounds? 

When it comes to Chiron, the key to healing the present is to heal the past.  We have to dig through the dirt of our previous emotional wounds and begin to address healing them.  This requires sifting through our childhood experiences for the key times when we felt hurt, traumatized, embarrassed or ashamed.  

Another clue to healing Chiron wounds lies in its polarity point–the point that is directly opposite Chiron–in this case, Libra.  The Libran energy emphasizes fairness, equality, and the need for listening to others to understand their points of view.  Libra also strives to achieve balance.  This Libra medicine can help melt Aries wounds concerning knee-jerk responses to anger, conflict and competition.  If you tend to over-react in anger, you are being asked to listen more and understand how other people think in order to respond to them in an appropriate fashion.  And if you tend to under-react when it comes to conflict, you are being asked to consider if the way you are being treated is fair.  If not, you need to marshal up some Aries indignation and fight for what is yours to balance out the relationship.

Waiting to Make Your Move: Aries Season March 20 - April 20th 2019. Aries Season is usually a time when we become more adventurous, enterprising, brash and feisty. But this year, Aries Season is more subdued. To find out how you can still use this new energy to your benefit, click on to read the article.

I Want to Start Something New…but…

Chiron in Aries can represent problems when it comes to starting new projects or new ventures.  Again, we tend to either under-compensate or over-compensate.  For example, we might feel hesitant to try new things or resist starting something new.  Fresh starts might feel scary instead of invigorating, so we resist, procrastinate and end up doing nothing (under-compensation).  Or the reverse can happen–we might overcompensate by impulsively charging into a brand new situation like a crazed warrior, totally oblivious to, and unprepared for, any danger that might actually be lurking there.  Whether you are under-compensating or over-compensating, the key to resolving the issue is the same:  go back to your past wounds in childhood to heal from a trauma that revolved around the theme of a new beginning or fresh start.

Clearing up the Confusion

Get ready for a general increase in communications, (email, texting, messaging, phones, meetings) and a boost in social activity (meetings, visits, socializing) from March 28th on, when Mars enters Gemini just as Mercury goes direct.  Now we have the chance to start fixing all the confusion and miscommunications that happened while Mercury was retrograde.  And it’s finally time to think about going forward again and striking out on new ventures.  Lost or misplaced items might find their way back to you in the next few weeks.  But watch out for the days around April 2nd when Mercury conjuncts Neptune –you might feel like you are back in Mercury Retrograde hell again for a few days.  

Time to Let Go of Something Traditional and Conventional

Also of importance is the South Lunar Node conjuncting Pluto and Pluto’s South Node while Saturn applies to conjunction.  This takes place on April 4th and signifies a time of endings.  As monumental shifts happen in in the world, you might feel the sense that you need to let something go.  It might be an attitude, a routine, a person or a situation.  It is like you sense that a new world is coming, and you need to be ready for it.    

Powerful mainstream corporations, governments and economic systems that attempt to control, dominate and destroy are currently being spun into a frenzy because the cosmos is trying to loosen their grip and wash them away.  Personal attitudes that shore up these conventional dinosaurs are also being asked to change and be released. 

With the New Moon in Aries on April 5th (15 degrees Aries 8:50 am GMT) and with the Sun squaring Saturn, the lunar nodes and Pluto, this “letting go” crisis might be thrown into sharp focus.  We might feel forced to take action and make a choice because we feel we have hit a wall.  Oddly, the resolution to the problem might be to temporarily go back into the old fashioned (and toxic) conventional way of doing things.  Something must be taken care of first, before you can say good-bye to that situation for good.  It may involve a confrontation with an authority figure.  Or you might have to experience the sheer futility of the old toxic system before you can willingly let go of it and move on.  The peak days for this are on April 5th and from April 10th to the 13th.

Tuning into A Higher Love

Between April 9th and 15th, compassion and altruistic thinking might enjoy a boost as Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune and squares Jupiter in Sagittarius.  You can enjoy this transit in 2 ways:  At the lower level, this transit might boost your personal relationships, making you feel more friendly, forgiving and loving with everyone you are in contact with and sending you into temporary ecstasy with your romantic partner. 

But you might wish to boost this transit to a higher level and use the energy to tap into your highest ideals about what love is about–not just romantic love or love for your family, but a love for all sentient beings on the planet.  This Higher Love promotes empathy, compassion and altruistic thinking based upon the understanding that all life on the planet is ONE and therefor, to hurt others is only to hurt yourself.  Boundaries can easily melt away now, hearts open, and goodwill can reach a monumental peak. 

Yeah, so this might sound a bit idealistic and perhaps unrealistic,  but work it anyways, people.  The planet needs more of this energy during this time… 

See you next month when the Cosmic Alignment Series features: Taurus Season!

Waiting to Make Your Move: Aries Season March 20 - April 20th 2019. Aries Season is usually a time when we become more adventurous, enterprising, brash and feisty. But this year, Aries Season is more subdued. To find out how you can still use this new energy to your benefit, click on to read the article.


Want to know what Aries Season holds in store for you personally?   Or just want to know more about your astrology chart?   You can contact Danielle for a personal reading.

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