Deep, Dark and Dangerous Truths: Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio, October 2017 – November 2018

Truth.  Lies.  Secrets.  Surprises.  2017 has been a year of revelations.  With powerful events like the total solar eclipse and Jupiter entering Scorpio, information is being rapidly revealed to us that once was hidden from view.  Well, hold onto your hat because even more revelations are in store.  In 2018, more truths are going to be unearthed and more information will come to the surface where we can finally get a good look at what has really been going on, sometimes right under our very noses.

Where Angels Fear to Tread:  Jupiter’s Journey through the Realm of Scorpio

You might have have had a few shocks and surprises this year as truth came bubbling to the surface.  And now, with Jupiter in Scorpio holding court, the revelations will be very profound ones, and many of them intensely challenging.  Scorpio does not mess around–it is the energy associated with things that are “deep, dark and dangerous.”  Scorpio rules the realm of birth, death and re-birth (sometimes metaphorical and sometimes quite literal.)  Scorpio also rules crisis, trauma, loss, grief, betrayal, sex and the criminal underworld–all the really big game changers in life.  Scorpio brings us into contact with powers and forces that seem beyond our control, exposing us to circumstances that deeply transform us for having survived them.  

Jupiter in Scorpio: Sobering News Headlines

Sadly, as I write this post in October of 2017, my tiny sleepy backwoods town has been reeling in shock this week from an on-going criminal investigation which has discovered human remains at a local farm.  The population here is in shock trying to come to grips with the fact that something terrible and hidden is coming to light. We are literally living out Jupiter’s excavations into the realm of Scorpio’s underworld, and grieving the revelations he brings.   

North Okanagan community shaken by discovery of human remains

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is dealing with other revelations–the news of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse of countless women.  Revelations of secrets, death and sex–this is Jupiter in Scorpio in action.  And this all took place just within the first few weeks of the transit.  There are another 12 months to go.  Be prepared for more sobering headlines in the world news as more truths are exposed.  Some things you thought were only conspiracy theories might come out in the mainstream news as being verifiably true.  And other news that you would never have considered to be humanly possible will be presented to your consciousness.  Might get a little hair raising at times. 

Here in BC, I expect that the movement to investigate the large number of missing and murdered indigenous women will be revived in a major way and that some significant inroads might finally occur.

Your Opportunity for Deep and Profound Healing

Not all of the revelations that are being discovered in 2017 and 2018 will be as gruesome and unpleasant as the ones I listed above.  Some of the surprises will no doubt be positive, profound and immensely satisfying.  If you always had a vague or suspicious feeling about something in your life but couldn’t quite get to the bottom of it, a big Jupiter reveal could feel pretty satisfying, in a kind of “slap-your-knee-I-knew-it-all-along!” kind of way.  And even if we do have to face some difficult truths, they are necessary for a healing process to begin.  Once the truth comes to light, the Scorpionic re-birth has a chance to finally occur.  Akin to a major detox of the psyche, the process might be uncomfortable or even painful at first, but the results will be beneficial and healing for you in the long run. 

For example, consider the “Me, too” movement that the Weinstein scandal has triggered and that is currently sweeping through social networking sites.  In some cases it appears to be birthing a new sense of solidarity and courage in thousands of women, many of whom have felt relief in revealing their own painful experiences with workplace sexual harassment out in the open, perhaps for the first time.   For the men in our lives witnessing this movement, the shock and awakening has been powerful and has lead some to significant understanding and growth.  Think of it — female victims of harassment are finally being believed instead of ridiculed, ignored and belittled.  We are poised at the brink of a monumental point in human consciousness–and we are witnessing the beginning of a social movement that will be playing out for another 12 months as Jupiter continues to do his thing in Scorpio.  Now that is positive.  It is also exciting as all get out.

Jupiter Revelations:  Your Personal Wake up Call

It is time to open our eyes and face the truth—as a group, humanity can no longer stick our collective head in the sand over what is happening to our planet, our fellow species  and our social, economic and political systems.   No more sleep walking allowed.  Jupiter in Scorpio is skeptical, suspicious and a fantastic critical thinker–and we will really need our critical thinking skills in the months ahead–our deep analytical skills.  As the spiritualists like to put it, it is time to “Trance-End.”   We won’t have much choice:  regardless of what we want, the hidden workings of our society are going to come tumbling out of the closet, spilling out in front of us in a shocking way.   There will be much scrambling about to get our heads around the “new normal” that this truth forces upon us.  Strive to face these truths with strength and dignity, and remember that whatever news comes out, it was meant to come out now, in order to be healed and transformed so we can build a new and better way for the future.

Want to Play Detective?  Now may be your Chance

sherlock-holmes-462957_1920If you fancy yourself as a bit of a truth chaser then you will have an exciting 2018, because Jupiter in Scorpio will lend you superpower sleuthing skills.  If you are trying to get to the bottom of something, the cosmos will give you opportunities, skill and a bit of good luck while you go digging around to find out the truth.  Just make sure you are strong enough to handle what you find when it is revealed.  You might literally be opening Pandora’s Box and once the lids is blown off, it will change things forever.  And it will change, you, too.  

Your superpower detective skills are especially powerful from October 22 to November 21, 2017 (Sun travels through Scorpio) and again in early December (Jupiter trines Neptune).  In 2018, significant months for making discoveries include January, April and September 2018 (Jupiter sextiles Pluto) and also in May and August (Jupiter trines Neptune.

Jupiter will be travelling in Scorpio until November 9th of 2018, when he will finally leave and all these unsettling truth upheavals will simmer down.  But before he leaves he will perhaps give us one more final surprise (Jupiter quinqunx Uranus).  Happily, Jupiter trines Chiron at the same time, giving us a chance to experience a major healing as a result of discovering the truth.  

A Word of Warning:

Note that if you are one of the ones who have been trying to hide a secret, you might have to come clean in 2018.   Even little white lies might be tough to hide while Jupiter does his purge-and-cleanse act with the truth.  People are in the mood to snoop and find things out and so they might be all over you.  And god forbid if you are trying to hide something illegal or you are secretly doing something nasty and harmful to others because Jupiter might decide to out you in a big way.  

It will also be interesting to find out what Jupiter has in store for such things as “alternative facts” and “fake news”.  Likely, he will have none of it.  Jupiter in Scorpio can smell BS a mile away.  From now throughout 2018, people will probably be hungering for something deeper, for something more real and authentic.  They are in the mood for profound truth, not clever words and endless spin.  And some will not rest until they dig below the surface and seize those deeper truths.  This might be a great year for whistle-blowers everywhere. 

So you might want to take a moment now to meditate on three questions:

1)  What has been revealed to you this year?  In what ways are you now older and wiser for having learned the hard truth?  Once the immediate shock and pain faded over time, did things kind of work out okay in the end?  Take a moment to thank (insert the name of your Higher Power here________) for leading you to the truth.

mask-2014555_19202)  Were you “outed” this year about something?  Or did something come out in public that you tried to keep hidden?  Was that actually a good thing in the end?  Alternatively, are you currently hiding behind a mask that you would just love to drop?  Are you feeling brave enough to drop it in order to experience true authenticity?  What are the dangers involved of exposing yourself truthfully?  What are the benefits?

3) What do you wish could be revealed to you in 2018?   Is there a particular problem you wish to investigate?  Or mystery you want to solve, once and for all?  It might be as significant a goal as trying to locate your birth mother,  or something much less dramatic, like trying to get to the bottom of a problem you have at work.  Whatever your detective goal, set your intentions now — get them straight in your mind.  Maybe jot down a few ideas (or leads) that you might want to explore or take action on.  Jupiter in Scorpio’s got your back, and therefore much will come to those who set about on a mission of discovery.   

Curious to know how Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio will affect your life?   You can contact me for a personal astrology chart reading to find out what Jupiter and all his other planetary buddies have in store for you.



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