Annular Solar Eclipse: Feb 26, 2017 “Go With the Flow and Try to Keep Up!”


Happy Eclipse Day!  An annular solar eclipse is happening today at 8°12′ Pisces.  Solar eclipses tend to bring energies that are burbling underneath the surface of things up into the light of consciousness where we can finally see and experience them. Often, this can feel unsettling.  Did you get some surprise news this weekend? Or did some other unexpected event burst onto the scene in a rather unpleasant fashion?

Mars, the planet of action and war is also teaming up with Uranus, planet of rebellion and sudden change. Both are in the sign of Aries right now (aka sign of “the impulsive hot head”).  Also in the scene is Jupiter in Libra (“Hey!  Let’s amp this all up to the -Nth degree!”) And still ominously rumbling around in the background is Pluto, planet of subterranean power and transformation.   Altogether, this is a highly volatile energy that can contribute to sudden unexpected shocks and/or endings. (Depending upon your own personal chart, some people will experience this abrupt energy more so than others.) The energy is fiery and explosive and extremely unpredictable. Classical astrology texts warn that it is not a great idea to play with anything involving fire, electricity, guns or explosives when this combo is around.  Wait till next weekend. Just sayin’.

Astrologers liken this Mars/Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto combination to a strike/slip fault—the energy keeps building and building and has to eventually be released in a sudden and violent shift.  And sure enough, there were a number of 4+ magnitude earthquakes this week, here in British Columbia as well as in Washington State as the earth sought to release some of the pent-up energy.  

Not only is Mother Earth releasing pent up power, so are certain people. People who are habitually combative or rebellious will likely explode this weekend, without warning. If you want to stay out of the line of fire, try to lay low and avoid getting into situations with folks who have chronic anger issues or problems with impulse control. Now is not the time to attempt to stifle their rebellion – you will only make it worse. Give them a wide berth. Also perhaps not a great time to go to a protest rally unless, of course, you are the kind who really enjoys getting into totally unexpected, physically dangerous situations. Wait until next weekend. Again, just sayin’.

And if you find that it is you yourself who is really irritated or spoiling for a fight, go outside and do something physical to expel the energy. If you act on impulse and decide to explode and tell someone off, you are likely to trigger them into their own explosions. Two people exploding at once—not a good scene.  

If you are feeling upset, think: water! Drink water, or immerse yourself in a bath or just splash some on your face. Pisces is a water sign. Water = emotions. And water will soothe the irritated fire energy in all of us right now. Water will help us all switch tracks.

Also, with all this Piscean energy engulfing us, one can expect everyone to be walking around in a bit of a fog, as if their minds are half elsewhere. Forgetfulness is common, along with feeling pleasantly spaced out. And as a result, confusion abounds everywhere, and because Mars is active too, folks may start arguing as a result. Try not to be one of the many who are arguing over nothing, and going around circles.

Write stuff down now so you won’t forget things, strive to stay organized, try to stick to the topic, try to focus and not get side tracked. But yeah. The energy is really strong. So good luck with all that. (So you might be better off just doodling along in your day, following whatever intuitively feels right to be doing at the moment, drifting along with whatever comes into your line of sight, and seeing where you end up!)

You might be having very active and realistic dreams now– pay attention to what your inner world is trying to show you now. Your emotions are near the surface and you will be feeling more sensitive than usual. Great activities for this weekend: music, the arts, spirituality and indulging in some healthy escapism, like binge-watching Netflix or eating junk food or something.

On the plus side – this eclipse also kicks off a new cycle for the next 6 months. So be sure to take some time to just be quiet and still. It is a good time to meditate on your dreams and goals. Set your intentions regarding what you would like to manifest in your life during the next 6 months. Think about what you would like to bring into your life and then think about what you would like to release – old habit patterns or negative mindsets etc. The Universe will help you attract what you need and dump what you don’t need anymore. In fact, it has already been dragging you through this process all week.  If unpleasant feelings or memories are trying to come up now, take some time to be still with them and feel them through.  Once experienced and fully felt, they can be released and dumped — maybe even for good now.

This eclipse energy is very strong and will be very transformative for everyone on the planet. You may feel like you are being changed or that you are being challenged to stretch and grow quite quickly.  So you don’t have to do anything, really but just go with the flow –and try to keep up!

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